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55 Gallon Water Barrel

Item #2555
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55 Gallon Water Barrel

  • DIMENSIONS: 35" High x 22.5" Diameter
  • EMPTY WEIGHT: Approx. 21 lbs.
  • FILLED WEIGHT w/ WATER: Approx. 463 lbs.
  • COLOR: Deep Blue
  • CONTAINER TYPE: NEW, unused. Water Barrel FDA Approved for Water Storage
  • (Siphon pump and bung wrench sold separately)

    55 Gallon Water Barrel

    Each of our BRAND NEW, NEVER USED premium quality water barrels have met and passed rigid DOT (Department of Transportation) burst & handling tests and are all FDA approved as food & storage water containers. NO ONE OFFERS a higher quality water storage container…period.

    A Variety of Sizes to Choose From
    We offer four (4) different sizes of our premium water storage containers: 5, 20, 30 and 55 Gallon Sizes. The 5 gallon size containers are stackable and have a convenient carrying handle and special clear stripe down the side to see the water level without the need of opening the cap. A great size for camping.

    The 20 gallon size comes with DUAL built-in carrying handles and two rubber gasketed "bung" cap lids (one with "large" threads and one with NPT fine threads). Excellent for small apartments. Can also be used to store kerosene for stoves, etc.

    The "big guys", the 30 and 55 gallon water barrels are our most popular "bulk" containers. These water barrels offer the lowest cost per gallon of stored water, but are very difficult to move once they are full (up to 463 lbs). The 55 gallon size is by far the most popular size due to its low cost per gallon price. Both come with two rubber gasketed "bung" cap lids (one with "large" threads and one with NPT fine threads). Accessories like hand pumps can be screwed into these openings.

    Please Note: All water barrels, no matter where purchased, use what are called "bung caps" with attached rubber washers to seal the bung caps closed. These bung caps are easily removed and resealed with a "bung wrench". We highly recommend purchasing one. It can be use with all 10, 15, 20, 30 & 55 gallon water storage barrels. Bung Wrench Tool (In a pinch, you can use 2 slotted screwdrivers to open and closed the bung caps but it is definitely not as easy nor as secure).

    All of our water barrels can be stored inside or out. They are made to withstand both hot and freezing temperatures and provide years of faithful service. If storing in areas that freeze during the winter, we recommend not filling the container to the top, but to allow about 3 inches of air space at the top for water freezing expansion.

    WATER STORAGE 101: What You Need to Know

    Nitro-Pak has been selling water water barrels now for over 20 years. We have seen all types of quality of containers. Some are OK and others are bad. WATER STORAGE is an ESSENTIAL part of your emergency preparedness plans. This is one area of your preparedness supplies that you don't want to cut corners or penny pinch!!! Your life and those you love could depend on it.

    Here is cardinal rule #1: NEVER, EVER purchase previously used containers for your water storage, even if used previously for food grade items like juice concentrate, juice, syrup, etc. There is a reason why the are "used" only once by companies then discarded them. It's because they can NEVER BE FULLY CLEANED once they have been used just once because of microscopic holes in the plastic. Bacteria and mold quickly move in. Food companies know that these "used" barrels will ALWAYS BE CONTAMINATED WITH A RESIDUAL AMOUNT of the previous stored item and would risk contaminating future products, thus they get rid of them cheap. DO NOT RISK IT. Only purchase new, never used containers!

    ACTUAL TRUE STORY: A good friend of mine called and asked what our price was for our water barrels. He gasped a little when I told him because he was comparing our price with some "used" barrels sold by another "survival company". He was "assured" by the salesperson that he could save tons of $$$ over buying new barrels and that my friend could easily clean them with "no problem" (they were used previously for concentrated grape juice). Well, my friend was blinded by getting "a great deal" and discarded my warnings and advice to him about buying used containers.

    After getting "a great deal" on 8 used 55 gallon containers, he hauled them home and thoroughly cleaned them with a powered pressure washer, then by baking soda, and finally by Clorox® Bleach as the salesman had said. "They couldn't have been any cleaner when I was done" he said.

    He then filled each of the barrels with water and treated them with the proper amount of chlorine bleach. After two weeks, I challenged him to go back to the barrels and open the cap and smell the water and to take a drink of it. He did. He called me right back and was fuming mad. I ask him why? He said, "I opened the cap and smelled the water and it smelt like fermented grapes. It was really bad. No way was I going to drink this! That company lied to me. You were right. I should have listened to you. The containers couldn't be fully cleaned just as you said. I'll never buy from (blank) company again."

    After venting his anger at all the time and money that he had wasted, he then ordered up 8 BRAND NEW containers from us. In the end, it cost my friend a lot of wasted time, MONEY and hassle to "get a good deal" and he got taken. Please, do not cut corners on your water storage supplies. KNOW EXACTLY what you are getting fro your money.

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55 Gallon Water Barrel

Item Number: 2555

Ship Weight: 21.00 lbs.

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