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  • Nationwide Inflation October 2012

    The 3 G's of Economics and Inflation

    Dear Friend and Valued Customer,

    There is still a lot of uncertainty in our economy and nation. Sales of the historic 3 G's: Gold, Guns and Groceries (food storage reserves) continue to rise. Gold sales are up 16%, Gun sales are up 20%, and our Food Storage Reserves are up OVER 300% since August. We believe that this trend will continue to increase.

    I watch closely the 3 G's every day. It is always an indicator of what people really think of the economy and government policies. Supplies for some food items have gotten tight. We expect between now and the election that our food reserve sales will dramatically rise and shortages will occur. We highly suggest reviewing your personal food reserve supplies now. We are seeing more prices of food items on the rise due world wide shortages and government monetary inflation.

    As your own personal hedge against price inflation, you can lock in right now today's lower food prices for the next 25 years when purchasing any of our Mountain House can or pouched freeze-dried foods, or any of Backpackers Pantry or our Rocky Mountain Food Reserves freeze-dried food #10 cans. This may very well become one of the most important and best investments you'll ever make! I like to think of it as the only "insurance policy" that can bring greater peace-of-mind and security for you and your family and one that you can actually eat! No other policy provides such double dividends.

    I have recently added more food reserves for my own family and intend on adding even more due to price inflation and government uncertainty that I believe is coming before years end.

    From one friend to another, now is the time to prepare for more turbulent times just ahead.

    Be Prepared!

    Harry R. Weyandt

  • September 2012 Economic Status

    Dear Friend and Preferred Customer,

    I’m writing to you give you my current feelings on the economy. The election campaigns are in full swing and getting nasty. Our nation’s national debt is now over $16 Trillion dollars and growing at over $2 billion dollars per day with no end in sight. It is not a pretty sight ahead. Gold & silver is on the rise.
    The Federal Reserve is about to announce new stimulus plans. The last time we saw an expansion of the money supply (QEII) after the 2010 mid-term elections customers slammed us with orders for Mountain House freeze-dried foods and our many food reserve units. Within 4 weeks, all food reserves were sold out across the country. I see a similar situation setting itself up again.
    We have seen a 400% increase in orders from current and new customers over the past 2 weeks. I believe this is only the beginning. We are seeing price increases in many items we offer. All of us are seeing local food price increases each month. Inflation is MUCH higher than we are being told by the government.
    As one friend to another, I STRONGLY encourage you to review your preparedness plans & take steps to get better prepared right now.
    September is National Preparedness Month. We are doing our part to help you and your family. We are currently offering some of the lowest prices we have offered in the past two years. Our Mountain House SALE comes to an end Saturday, September 15th, so if you want to save up to 28% off PLUS get FREE SHIPPING on any order over $99, jump NOW! while supplies are still available.
    In closing, thank your loyalty and continued patronage. We very much appreciate your business.

    Be Prepared Now More Than Ever,
    Harry R. Weyandt

  • The ONLY Investment You Can EAT...FOOD!

    November 10, 2010

    Foods prices are on the rise as the value of the U.S. dollar continues to decline. In just the past 12 months alone we’ve seen wheat, corn, oats and other base food item rise by as much as 40%. Massive new government bailout QEII money will create a huge wave of inflation from gas to groceries.

    Having a survival food reserve of our gourmet freeze-dried foods can bring you and your family great peace-of-mind and security in these troubling economic times. At the same time, you’ll be able to “lock-in” today’s lower pre-inflation food pricesfor up to the next 25 YEARS!  It’s the ULTIMATE insurance policy & inflation hedge!

    The fact is, having a survival food reserve may very well become one of the best investments you’ll ever make!  Gold & silver are a great hedge’s against inflation, BUT having an emergency food reserve is the ONLY INVESTMENT YOU CAN EAT!

    Our gourmet tasting 25 Year shelf-life freeze-dried foods are the same foods that went to the moon and continue to be the top selling lightweight backpacking foods sold in America today. All are simple and easy to prepare… just add water & eat…can’t get any easier than that!

    As the nation’s leader in long storing foods and other quality survival supplies, you’ll be buying from a company that has been here for 25 years and counting. Every item we offer is tried and tested before it ever reached the pages of our website. Plus, EVERY purchase is backed with our industry leading 120 Money-Back Guarantee! You have nothing to loose…unless you do nothing.

    See for your self why tens of thousands of people each year choose Nitro-Pak as the #1 Preparedness Company in America.

    Our food reserves are selling quickly. Beat the panic rush still to come! Get prepared… ORDER NOW!

    Below I have provided a few quick links to get you going…FAST!

    We look forward to serving you…Be Prepared!

    Emergency Food Reserve Units
    Freeze-Dried Food Cans

    -Harry Weyandt
    President of Nitro-Pak


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