en-US Blog Feed Blog Feed Mon, 08 Feb 2016 10:07:00 +0000 http://fishpig.co.uk/magento/wordpress-integration/?v= http://www.nitro-pak.com/blog/ The Proper Use of Potassium Iodide If you are seeking to learn more about potassium iodide uses, the first thing to understand is that iodine and potassium iodine are two very different things. Iodine is an essential trace mineral that is necessary for maintaining good health. Potassium iodine is used for specific medical conditions and under specific circumstances. Potassium iodine uses vary, but the most well-known use is for emergencies, in particular, nuclear accidents.

Potassium iodine is highly effective in helping to protect the thyroid from damage when exposure to radioactive iodine-131 occurs. The thyroid is particularly vulnerable to exposure to radioactive iodine. Potassium iodide essentially floods the thyroid with iodine so that when radioactive iodine enters the system, the thyroid does not absorb it. If the thyroid absorbs radioactive iodine, cancer can result. It is important to note that these cancers may not manifest for many years.

Potassium Iodide Uses and the 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear Incident

During the Chernobyl nuclear incident in 1986, potassium iodide was given to millions of people in an effort to protect those living in irradiated areas. This turned out to be an extremely prudent step, as many years later it became clear to researchers that the need to protect the thyroid was, in fact, more pronounced than originally believed. The World Health Organization has documented that there was an increase in thyroid cancer up to 500 km from the Chernobyl accident site.

Other Potassium Iodide Uses-Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

More recently in 2011, the damage to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant resulted in a large, ongoing and potentially unknown level of radiation being released into the environment. This has left many people wondering if they should take special precautions, such as potassium iodide.

It has been since reported that U.S. Navy personnel within 100 miles of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant were instructed to take potassium iodine tablets as a precautionary measure. Many of these crewmen are reporting illness.

Nagasaki and Thyroid Disease

The effects of radiation exposure can be profound, complex and confusing. A good example of this can be seen in the survivors of the Nagasaki blast exposure. Over 40% of the survivors of the Nagasaki exposure have thyroid disease.

Potassium Iodine Must Be Used In a Safe Fashion

The nature of radiation exposure is such that it is extremely difficult to know if one will be impacted and how. The effects of exposure can take decades to manifest themselves. But one thing is certain; exposure should be avoided if possible.

Potassium iodine can be used to protect the thyroid from iodine-131, but it is not a cure or safeguard against all radiation exposure, nor should it be seen as such. Potassium iodine plays an extremely valuable role in protecting the thyroid from damage, but overuse can actually lead to thyroid damage. In other words, potassium iodine should be used when it is clear that there is an urgent and verified need. The potential side effects of using potassium iodine are such that the drug should only be used when there is a clearly and undeniable risk of exposure.

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Understanding the Benefits of Freeze Dried Food The benefits of freeze dried food are quite diverse. War usually stimulates innovation. In fact, it does so in unexpected ways that span a range of industries. The food industry is no exception to this rule. During World War II, there were many developments in food processing, food distribution and food preservation. One key breakthrough that is still with us today is freeze drying. Freeze drying has its origins not in food originally but in medicine, as it was used to maintain and preserve serum. However, it wasn’t long before the value of freeze drying was realized for food preservation. Today, freeze drying is a valuable tool regularly used by the food industry.

Food that is freeze dried undergoes four distinct steps:

1. Pretreatment
2. The freezing process itself, which uses everything from mechanical refrigeration to dry ice and liquid nitrogen.
3. The drying process, which involves vacuum pressure and may last days.
4. A secondary drying process. The purpose of the secondary drying process is to remove any remaining ice.

By the end of this four step process, very little water is left in the final freeze dried food.

Benefits of Freeze Dried Food Include Preservability

One of the most striking benefits of freeze dried food is that it can last for many years. Since water levels have been reduced dramatically in the freeze drying process, food will not spoil. This means it can kept on shelves for a very long time.

Improved Taste and More Nutrition

The freeze drying process causes less damage to food than other methods and that is another key advantage. This leads to a better tasting and more desirable product. Flavors and textures are preserved. This benefit is part of why freeze dried food is wildly popular with those who are in remote locations such as hikers.

A third key reason that people gravitate towards freeze dried food is due to the increased levels of nutrition. Preserving food can reduce nutrition levels, but the freeze drying process can preserve nutrition that is often lost in other methods.

7 Key Benefits of Freeze Dried Food

-Long lasting.
-Can be placed in durable containers.
-Improved taste over other preservation methods.
-Higher levels of nutrition.
-Ease of storage.
-Ease of transport. Food can be taken almost anywhere.
-Excellent option for emergency situations.

Combining these three key factors, it is no real surprise that freeze dried food is highly regarded as a food to use in emergencies. For decades, the benefits of freeze dried foods have been clear. As a result, the freeze dried food approach has become very popular as an emergency food option.

The fact that freeze dried food can be stored for years, is easily transported, can be placed in durable packaging and maintains taste and nutrition levels helps make it an easy choice for those looking for an exceptional emergency food. The trouble free nature of freeze dried food and the fact it enjoys essentially zero maintenance makes it an easy pick for those who want a durable and long-lasting food supply on hand for years to come.

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Nationwide Inflation October 2012 The 3 G's of Economics and Inflation

Dear Friend and Valued Customer,

There is still a lot of uncertainty in our economy and nation. Sales of the historic 3 G's: Gold, Guns and Groceries (food storage reserves) continue to rise. Gold sales are up 16%, Gun sales are up 20%, and our Food Storage Reserves are up OVER 300% since August. We believe that this trend will continue to increase.

I watch closely the 3 G's every day. It is always an indicator of what people really think of the economy and government policies. Supplies for some food items have gotten tight. We expect between now and the election that our food reserve sales will dramatically rise and shortages will occur. We highly suggest reviewing your personal food reserve supplies now. We are seeing more prices of food items on the rise due world wide shortages and government monetary inflation.

As your own personal hedge against price inflation, you can lock in right now today's lower food prices for the next 25 years when purchasing any of our Mountain House can or pouched freeze-dried foods, or any of Backpackers Pantry or our Rocky Mountain Food Reserves freeze-dried food #10 cans. This may very well become one of the most important and best investments you'll ever make! I like to think of it as the only "insurance policy" that can bring greater peace-of-mind and security for you and your family and one that you can actually eat! No other policy provides such double dividends.

I have recently added more food reserves for my own family and intend on adding even more due to price inflation and government uncertainty that I believe is coming before years end.

From one friend to another, now is the time to prepare for more turbulent times just ahead.

Be Prepared!

Harry R. Weyandt

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September 2012 Economic Status Dear Friend and Preferred Customer,

I’m writing to you give you my current feelings on the economy. The election campaigns are in full swing and getting nasty. Our nation’s national debt is now over $16 Trillion dollars and growing at over $2 billion dollars per day with no end in sight. It is not a pretty sight ahead. Gold & silver is on the rise.
The Federal Reserve is about to announce new stimulus plans. The last time we saw an expansion of the money supply (QEII) after the 2010 mid-term elections customers slammed us with orders for Mountain House freeze-dried foods and our many food reserve units. Within 4 weeks, all food reserves were sold out across the country. I see a similar situation setting itself up again.
We have seen a 400% increase in orders from current and new customers over the past 2 weeks. I believe this is only the beginning. We are seeing price increases in many items we offer. All of us are seeing local food price increases each month. Inflation is MUCH higher than we are being told by the government.
As one friend to another, I STRONGLY encourage you to review your preparedness plans & take steps to get better prepared right now.
September is National Preparedness Month. We are doing our part to help you and your family. We are currently offering some of the lowest prices we have offered in the past two years. Our Mountain House SALE comes to an end Saturday, September 15th, so if you want to save up to 28% off PLUS get FREE SHIPPING on any order over $99, jump NOW! while supplies are still available.
In closing, thank your loyalty and continued patronage. We very much appreciate your business.

Be Prepared Now More Than Ever,
Harry R. Weyandt

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Choosing the Right Food Storage for Your Family Choosing the right food for your food storage can be a daunting task. There are many options out there, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. But by knowing how each type of food can be used in your overall food storage plan, making this decision can be made relatively simple. Below are four major categories of food that are most often found in food storage plans.

Store-Bought Foods
Store-bought foods are products such as cereals, boxed meals, and canned products like soups, fruits and vegetables. Most likely, these are foods your family already eats on a regular basis. They are the "tried-and-proven" products that you know your family will eat; therefore, they are the best foods to start out your food storage. By buying a little extra each time you go shopping, you can quickly build a food reserve of a month to three months without a significant amount of expense. Some of these products may have a short shelf-life of one to two years so you will want to continually rotate through these products. This type of food storage is excellent for small emergency crises, such as times when an unexpected doctor's visit or car repair may put a strain on that month's finances.

Dehydrated Foods
Dehydrated foods are often meal basics, like rice, beans, flour, sugar, salt and other items that are used for baking and making meals from scratch. They can be considered store-bought foods since they are great to purchase in smaller quantities and add to your rotated month to three month supply. But they can also be used for long-term food storage. Many dehydrated foods can last seven to thirty years if stored properly, making them excellent items to store in bulk. Local health food stores and large food warehouses are great places to purchase large 25-50 lb bags of grains, beans and other items that can then be stored in 6 gallon buckets with mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. Or, we also offer these products in #10 cans, making storing and using these products much easier. Dehydrated foods are great for lowering the cost of your food storage reserve while securing your necessary daily calorie level. Their downside is that they do require more preparation. Making meals from scratch requires water and fuel, so limiting your food storage to strictly dehydrated foods may not be the best way to go. Using dehydrated food as an add on to your food reserve, along with finding instant dehydrated products like potato flakes or quick rolled oats, will help get more food for your money.

Freeze-Dried Foods
Freeze-dried foods may answer many of the issues presented by dehydrated foods. They have a great shelf-life of 25 years in the #10 cans and they only require a comparatively small amount of water to reconstitute. They are also great for providing nutrition to your food reserve as the freeze-drying process retains nutrients much better than dehdyrated foods. They also come in pre-prepared meals that only require water, so you won't need to worry about purchasing individual components. Their only downside is their expense. Freeze-dried foods are more expensive per can and often offer lower calorie levels. Therefore, we suggest using freeze-dried foods as a part of your food storage plan as opposed to to the whole thing. Many of our pre-planned food reserve units offer a combination of freeze-dried foods and instant dehydrated foods, with the main meals being freeze-dried and side dishes being dehydrated. This combination utilizes both the ease of preparation and an economical price. It is also a great way to secure a six month to a year food supply that doesn't need to be rotated as often.

MREs stand for Meals Ready to Eat. As their name suggests, these meals require no water or preparation to eat. If you prefer the meals warm, then a little water may be necessary to heat up the foods, but other than that, they are good to go. They are more expensive per meal and they do have a shorter shelf-life of 5 years, so they may not be the best option for your entire food storage. However, these meals are great for a 2 week supply that is ready to stand as a backup in case water or fuel is in short-supply.

Each category has its own unique place in a food storage program. If possible, it is best to utilize the benefits of each one. Just remember, that the best approach to securing your food reserve is through consistent, moderate purchases. This will help to not only make obtaining your food reserve more financially possible, but it will also help you stay in the right frame of mind of purchasing the items you want instead of panic-buying whatever is available.

Have questions? Please feel free to call our toll free number and we'll be glad to help you figure out your own food storage program!

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Emergency Water Storage Tips Emergency Water Storage Tips

These are the categories I consider when deciding how much emergency water to store and how:

  • Number of people you are storing water for.
  • Number of gallons per person (drinking, cooking, personal hygiene) In my opinion, the bare minimum is 2 gallons per person per day. Some say one gallon is sufficient but one gallon will only give you 2 quarts to drink and then 2 quarts to cook with, brush your teeth, wash your body and wash your hands during the day.
  • Number of days you want to prepare for—one week, one month, etc.
  • Storage space for water containers: In determining what size containers you want, determine what size will fit in the storage area and if the containers need to be mobile or if they can stay in one place once you’ve filled them. Water is heavy so larger containers, 30 and 55 gallon, will be too heavy to move once filled. Five gallon containers can be moved to wherever you need them and can be stacked to reduce storage space requirements. Two-liter pop bottles are good for small spaces but it is possible for them to break down and develop leaks so you need to check them regularly.
  • Accessories: siphon pump for larger containers that are standing upright, spigots for large containers that are lying on the side and for 5 gallon containers, water preserver.

Start with clean containers. Wash them out with soap and water and make sure to remove all soap residue. (Large containers are not as difficult as you might think to clean out. Put a dishtowel inside the barrel, add enough water to saturate the towel and extra so it can swoosh around easily and still make contact with the sides to scrub away dirt. Two people, one on each end of the large barrel can effectively swoosh the towel around by moving the barrel up and down and side to side and rolling it around. Then tip the barrel to let the towel land at the opening and pull it out. Rinse well with another towel and clean water. Rinse again.) Do not use empty milk containers because the protein residue cannot be totally washed off and bacteria could grow. Larger containers such as 55 gallon water barrels should not have been used for anything except water because of residue and odors. No glass because of the potential for breakage. If using 2-liter pop bottles, clean thoroughly.

Some advocate using bleach to keep the water safe from bacteria but I worry about that because of the correlation between chlorine and health problems. I prefer to use Oxy-Stabile which adds more oxygen to the water inhibiting bacterial growth. It will keep water safe for five years. Replace your water every 12 months if not using Oxy-Stabile or Aerobic 07.

Do not store in sunlight and store in a cool environment. If that’s impossible, then protect it the best you can from direct sunlight and if the water is going to freeze, then fill the container 90% full, leaving room for expansion.

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Freeze-Dried Food Storage Shelf Life How Long Can Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated Canned Products Last Once Opened?

Most freeze-dried food products have a recommended “once opened, use by…” time-frame.  For example, each can of Mountain House food states:

“Once open, contents should be used immediately.  However, product resealed using plastic recloseable lid has been found to be acceptable up to one week after opening.” 

Since manufacturers want you to be pleased with your product every time you use it, they will often give a much shorter time-frame than the product can actually last.  This means that while the product will have the best flavor and nutrition within the given time-frame, the food can still provide you with a great meal long after the fact.

The question of how much longer a food can last depends on a number of variables.  While there isn't a set period of time that we can recommend for you to use your product, there are some guidelines we can offer to help you get the most out of your investment.

The thing to remember is, if something can harm a product while it’s being stored, it can harm it after it’s been opened.  Our main concerns regarding freeze-dried food storage shelf life are:

  • Heat
  • Oxygen
  • Moisture
  • Light

Heat:  Heat can quickly breakdown a food’s vitamin and protein content.  To maintain a high level of nutrition, it is still best to store opened food in as cool an environment as possible, preferably 70 º or lower.  If you still have electricity, storing remaining food in the fridge or freezer is a great way of preserving your reserve.   Just be sure to store it in airtight and moisture proof containers.

Oxygen and Moisture:  Oxygen and moisture can usually be avoided at the same time.  Since freeze-dried and dehydrated food has already gone through a process to remove moisture, our main concern is the moisture in the air.  By immediately storing your opened food in airtight containers, you can reduce the affects of oxygen and moisture at the same time.   Each can does come with its own resealing lid, but it is far more effective to store the unused portion in something like a Ziplock bag before placing it back into the can.

Light:  Light is probably one of the least thought of dangers to our stored food; however, light can degrade components in our foods, such as vitamins, proteins and fats.  They can also cause the color and flavor of the food to change.  If you are storing your opened food in clear bags or containers, placing the containers in a cupboard or dark pantry would help the food keep long

Other factors to consider are how your products were stored and what condition your can is in.  If your products were stored under less than ideal circumstances, the food inside may have already degraded to a certain extent.  Also, if there are any significant dents along the seams of the can, there may be cracks that have let in air and moisture.  These will significantly decrease the amount of time an opened product will remain good to use, no matter how well you store your products later.

By continuing to treat your opened freeze-dried food reserves with the same care as you did while storing them, you can continue to enjoy great meals for potentially months to come.  We here at Nitro-Pak have experienced first-hand Mountain House products last five months and longer and still have a great taste.  Just remember to treat any prepared meals like you would normal leftovers.

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New Backpacker's Pantry Food Line May 17, 2011

NEW! Backpacker’s Pantry 25 Year Shelf-life Gourmet Food Reserves!

Nitro-Pak is proud to have been selected as Backpacker’s Pantry’s FIRST MASTER DISTRIBUTOR of their totally new #10 can line of long-term storage gourmet tasting foods! In the planning and testing works now for over two years, they are finally available to the public for the first time. You’re going to love’m too!

Now you can get selected Backpacker’s Pantry gourmet chef prepared camping foods in convenient #10 size cans for the first time ever (even more are being added to the line as we speak)! Backpacker’s Pantry has been making top selling camping foods now for over 60 YEARS and are well known by campers and hikers for their great tasting foods and unique chef prepared flavorful gourmet meals. Our employees were all very impressed with how good these foods tasted in our in-house blind testing trials. All meals require no cooking or preparation, just add water and eat most meals in about 13 minutes! What could be easier?

Another first for Backpacker's Pantry is their "easy to carry and store" four #10 can cases. Lighter weight than most six can food cases, less bulk, and a lot easier to store in nook and crannies around the house!

We heard you! You asked for MORE FOOD CHOICES & MORE VARIETY OF MEALS for your food reserves! Now you have just that-- ALL NEW CHOICES & WIDER SELECTION than ever before when adding any of our Backpacker’s Pantry’s foods to your long-term food storage reserves. Each is unique and adds a whole new way to complement your existing food reserves. All Backpacker’s Pantry foods come with a Super-Long Shelf-Life of 25 YEARS or more so you can lock-in today’s low prices and be protected for the next 25 years! Now’s the time to hedge against future price inflation. Be Ready…Be Prepared! Order NOW!

Browse Backpacker's Pantry Products Today

-Harry Weyandt
President of Nitro-Pak

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The ONLY Investment You Can EAT...FOOD! November 10, 2010

Foods prices are on the rise as the value of the U.S. dollar continues to decline. In just the past 12 months alone we’ve seen wheat, corn, oats and other base food item rise by as much as 40%. Massive new government bailout QEII money will create a huge wave of inflation from gas to groceries.

Having a survival food reserve of our gourmet freeze-dried foods can bring you and your family great peace-of-mind and security in these troubling economic times. At the same time, you’ll be able to “lock-in” today’s lower pre-inflation food pricesfor up to the next 25 YEARS!  It’s the ULTIMATE insurance policy & inflation hedge!

The fact is, having a survival food reserve may very well become one of the best investments you’ll ever make!  Gold & silver are a great hedge’s against inflation, BUT having an emergency food reserve is the ONLY INVESTMENT YOU CAN EAT!

Our gourmet tasting 25 Year shelf-life freeze-dried foods are the same foods that went to the moon and continue to be the top selling lightweight backpacking foods sold in America today. All are simple and easy to prepare… just add water & eat…can’t get any easier than that!

As the nation’s leader in long storing foods and other quality survival supplies, you’ll be buying from a company that has been here for 25 years and counting. Every item we offer is tried and tested before it ever reached the pages of our website. Plus, EVERY purchase is backed with our industry leading 120 Money-Back Guarantee! You have nothing to loose…unless you do nothing.

See for your self why tens of thousands of people each year choose Nitro-Pak as the #1 Preparedness Company in America.

Our food reserves are selling quickly. Beat the panic rush still to come! Get prepared… ORDER NOW!

Below I have provided a few quick links to get you going…FAST!

We look forward to serving you…Be Prepared!

Emergency Food Reserve Units
Freeze-Dried Food Cans

-Harry Weyandt
President of Nitro-Pak


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