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Dental Medic First Aid Kit

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Quick Overview

Easily fits into a purse, travel kit, medicine cabinet, glove box, etc. Be sure to add one to your travel/backPak first aid kit. A low cost "insurance policy" when the unexpected tooth emergency arises!

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Dental Medic First Aid Kit

A 'lifesaver' when you can't get to a dentist imediately. Our pocket sized Dental Medic First Aid Kit provides the 'tools' and supplies you'll need to replace lost fillings, loose crowns and relieve dental pain with this handy compact kit. Includes dentist approved "how-to-treat" for lost fillings, toothache, and more.

The Dental Medic First Aid Kit includes Cavit Superdent® temporary filling material, dental wax, cotton gauze rolls, Orasol® toothache and cold sore relief (like Anbesol), cotton pellets, and other items you'll need to minimize pain and protect teeth from further damage until you can find or get back to your dentist. Made in the USA.

Also excellent for emergency back-up for emergency preparedness kits. Comes packed in a waterproof, airtight zip pouch.

This Compact First Aid Kit Includes:

  • Dental wax (help hold tooth/teeth in place)
  • Cavit Superdent® temporary tooth filling
  • 5 cotton gauze rolls
  • 5 Cotton pellets
  • 2 Orasol® Topical Anesthetic Gel (toothache, cold sores temporary pain relief)
  • Lipton® Tea bag (used as an anesthetic and, when compressed down on a bleeding mouth wound, helps stop the bleeding)
  • Dental floss
  • 3 toothpicks
  • Instructions 

 Package Size: 5 x 4 1/4

Weight: 2 oz

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MSRP $15.00

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