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Healthcare Book - Where There Is No Doctor

Item #9017

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Quick Overview

Healthcare Book - Where There Is No Doctor has been translated into over 90 languages. It is considered the most accessible and widely used community healthcare book in the world. This revolutionary health care "bible" has saved millions of lives around the world by providing vital information on diagnosing and treating common medical problems and diseases, giving special emphasis to prevention.

Where There Is No Doctor Healthcare Book

- By David Werner This healthcare book also includes sections detailing effective examination techniques, home cures, correct usage of medicines and their precautions, nutrition, caring for children, ailments of older individuals and first aid. Originally written as a guide for health care workers in 3rd world "developing" countries. This healthcare book is written in simple and easy to understand "layman" terms that requires no medical training or background. Covers how and what to do in medical emergencies with no doctors around to help. Very simple reading and understanding. An excellent resource when traveling out of country when no, or limited medical help is available such as when visiting a way out village or in the event of a major disaster or terrorist attack.

We have offered this healthcare book now for over 18 years and it has always been a top seller. We highly recommend owning a copy for yourself.

"The best medical book written in the last 10 years," David Morley, MD said of the original edition. With more than 3 million copies in print in more than 90 languages, Where There Is No Doctor is perhaps the most widely used health care manual in the developing world. Using simple language and hundreds of drawings, the book provides information about recognizing, treating, and preventing common illnesses and injuries.

Where There Is No Doctor is more than a book on first aid. It covers a wide range of things that affect the health of the villager-- from diarrhea to tuberculosis, from helpful and harmful home remedies to the cautious use of certain modern medicines. Special importance is placed upon cleanliness, a healthy diet, and vaccinations. The book also covers in detail both childbirth and family planning. Not only does it help the reader realize what he can do for himself, but it helps him recognize which problems need the attention of an experienced health worker.

This book is for:

  • The outback villager who lives far from medical centers. It explains in simple words and drawings what he can do to prevent, recognize, and treat many common sicknesses.
  • The village storekeeper or pharmacist who sells medicines and health-care supplies. The book explains which medicines are most useful for specific sicknesses and warns against ones that are useless or dangerous. Risks and precautions are carefully explained. Guidelines are given for the sensible use of both traditional and modern medicines.
  • The local teacher in a rural school. The book will help him/her give practical advice and care to the sick and injured. It also gives guidelines for teaching children and adults in their community about the problems of health, cleanliness, and nutrition.
  • The local village health worker, or anyone who is concerned about the health and well-being of those in their community. An introductory section for the village health worker discusses ways to determine needs, share knowledge, and involve the community in activities that can better people's health.
  • Mothers and midwives will find useful the clear and easy-to-understand information for home birth, care of the mother, and child health.

Home health care manuals are a dime a dozen, but this one is in a league by itself... This amazing manual [Where There Is No Doctor]...successfully brings together modern concepts of public health and personal health care into a usable and understandable format for the Third World villager. If you are a physician, dentist or nurse planning to volunteer on a medical mercy mission, review this book ahead of time and take it with you.
-Annals of Internal Medicine, vol. 125, no. 12

Everything and anything you need to know about healthcare. We live in the heart of Africa where there are no doctors, and mysterious illnesses & bacteria keep popping up. Since we have this book there is much less cause for worry. Don't leave home without it!
-A customer from Malawi, Africa

"The best medical book written in the last 10 years…"
-David Morley, MD

"…Where There Is No Doctor is likely the most widely used health manual in the world."
-Ina Gaskin, Birth Gazette, Volume 12, No 1

My dogeared copies of Where There is No Doctor, (and) A Village Health Care Handbook…both have bent covers, broken spines, and ripped pages. They have absorbed coffee spills, close encounters with mud puddles and leaky roofs, and much handling from me and my friends who have pawed over them eagerly trying to understand our bodies and affect our health care. …I dragged Where There is No Doctor along with me on various sojourns to Central America. I consulted it when we had private run-ins with malaria and other tropical diseases, and it was a comfort to know that its straightforward explanations and simple drawings might be of great consequence to us, and others around us when we were far from medical help. Perhaps most importantly, both books demystified and politicized health care. Although some health problems require expert medical attention, there is much that we can do on our own to positively affect our health…
-Cynthia Peters, Zmagazine Book Reviews

The book was given its title, not because it tells you what to do until the doctor gets there, but what to do (when) the doctor is never going to get there…
-Jane Maxwell, Co-author of Where There Is No Doctor

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Where There Is No Doctor Healthcare Book

Item Number:9017

Ship Weight:1.61 lbs.

Customer Reviews

  1. this book is so-so Review by vlabella

    This book delves into techniques and practices that can kill you! Some of cures are rather exotic , I believe that the layperson may be more hindered than helped with the use of this book. I actually do not recommend it. When the cure is worse than the ailment, one has to step back from invasive to basic EMT status (Posted on 11/17/2011)

  2. Must have item Review by H

    This is a must have item in your inventory. From front to back it is full of critical information. Easy to read and understand. Get one and you will feel prepared if a particular condition or set of circumstances should put you or your family in need. EXCELLENT! (Posted on 4/11/2011)

  3. Well worth having Review by schutzemg3

    This handbook is written for the village health care worker – typically, a local who has had some additional training beyond simple first aid, or a college age medical missionary student. It is well written and well illustrated with a few clearly reproduced photographs and many excellent line drawings. This handbook’s focus is primarily on rural Mexican or Central American villagers, though it would be useful anywhere there are diseases or conditions associated with ignorance, poverty, superstition, misinformation, poor hygiene, bad water, malnutrition, and lack of modern medical care – precisely the conditions one would expect during a widespread or long lasting disaster.
    It’s more than First Aid – in some cases, much more. In addition to stressing education and prevention, it’s how to save lives with almost nothing. This handbook has an extensive list of suggested supplies, equipment, and medications that can be obtained and stored, and also has “how-to’s” and field expedients for supplies or equipment that may not be on hand. Though it frequently recommends seeking professional medical attention, there is much that the average non-medically trained person CAN DO up to that point.
    This is an excellent, potentially life-saving handbook.
    (Posted on 1/10/2011)

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