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GRUNDIG S450 AM/FM/SW Field Radio

Item #6505
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The Grundig S450 Field Radio has been in HIGH DEMAND so be sure to NOW before you need one! When the Hurricane, Tornado, Earthquake or Disaster warnings go out, the time to prepared is over. It's better to be way to early, than just a few minutes late.

The powerful Grundig S450 Field Radio blends the best of yesterday and today. It features the best of analog and digital radio technology. With the look of a retro field radio sporting a rugged body and military-style controls—the S450 also features today's innovation for excellent AM, FM, and Shortwave reception and a large, full-range speaker for crystal clear sound.

High quality radio performace for those desiring a "stepped-up" radio everyday listening enjoyment with the capability of listening to new broadcasts from around the world and enjoy the back-up features of an emergency radio. You'll recieve comprehensive coverage of AM/FM and Shortwave (world radio frequenceies) that link you to local and international news, music, sports and talk radio.

The Grundig S350 has a large full-range speaker that delivers fine high-fidelity sound. The separate bandwidth and RF gain controls let you cut through radio clutter. Its DIGITAL synchronous dector circuitry lets you detune slightly from standard frequencies so you can fine tune outside interference without loss of signal clarity!

Built-in telescoping antenna for FM/SW with additional external antenna inputs to expand your global reach. With radio features such as separate bass & treble allows for costom tayloring sound to your tastes. Large LCD screen displays radio frequency, clock and alarm; wide and narrow bandwidth filter controls put you in the command seat for tuning in to local and international news, music, sports and talk radio.

Grundig S450 Field Radio Key Features:

  • AM/MW (520-1710 KHz / 522-1620 KHz), FM (88-108 MHz), SW (continuous frequency range from 1711-29999kHz)
  • Frequency Tuning Steps: 3 methods to choose from (fast/slow/stop)
  • Analog tuning with digital display
  • High performance IC and MOSFET: Provides high sensitivity, strong anti-interference, low background noise and lower distortion.
  • MW/SW IF wide/narrow bandwidth selection: improves audio fidelity and minimizes noise.
  • MCU Control (micro controller unit) and large LCD backlight display with: frequency, clock, battery level indicator, and signal strength indicator
  • AM band features dual conversion PLL technology: provides anti-image rejection.
  • 50 station memory (10 presets for each band)
  • Dual alarm with wakeup, snooze, and sleep functions
  • AM/FM/SW external antenna input socket and the ability to connect to cable FM.
  • Individual MW 500 Ext./GND socket for external antenna and ground to improve MW sensitivity
  • Strap type carrying handle
  • Full-range speaker with variable independent bass and treble control
  • Stereo line level audio input/output and Stereo/Mono selection
  • Power source: 6 x D batteries (not included) or DC IN (9V) , negative polarity, 500 mA adapter
  • Includes: owner’s manual, warranty card, AC adapter
  • Dimensions: 12.2” x 7.6” x 3.9” (W x H x D) 310 x 195 x 100 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 3.59 lbs. (1.63 kg)

World Band Shortwave Listening

The internet didn’t kill shortwave after all. When global issues start to affect us, the best source for information is shortwave radio. Throughout the world, shortwave continues to be a readily available, affordable means of communication and information. When you listen to shortwave, you not only get a sense of what people in other nations are thinking, but you get access to the thoughts of people from all walks of life — from soldiers, to farmers, to scholars, anybody.

Radio has a far broader reach than the computer. Shortwave requires less power than computers, and people can broadcast and receive shortwave even when there’s no power in the area. Basically, shortwave remains the best source for commercial-free news, world music, and entertainment.

Listening to shortwave is almost like traveling to the country you’ve tuned in on your radio. But you don’t have to listen to airwaves that traverse the oceans to get the most from shortwave. On a national level, shortwave works even when phone service is down — which can be especially important during a time of national emergency. Ham radio operators, the unsung heroes of emergency communications, use Shortwave Single Sideband to help coordinate aid and pass on vital messages during times of crises.

Shortwave requires learning about new things like receivers, antennas, frequencies and signal propagation. Reception is rarely as good as you will find with a local broadcast radio station, but the rewards for your efforts are immeasurable.

Item Number: 6505

Ship Weight: 5.38 lbs.

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