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IOSAT Potassium Iodide - Single Pak

Item #4505

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Quick Overview

IOSAT Potassium Iodide is one of the oldest and largest suppliers of Potassium Iodide in the country. They were among the first companies to receive the U.S. Government FDA Approval for sales to nuclear facilities, the U.S. military, hospitals, state agencies, FEMA and the general population. Each foil sealed packet contains 14 – 130 mg tablets... a 2 week supply for one person.

FDA Approved IOSAT Potassium Iodide

ON SALE: 7 Packets of ANBEX IOSAT Potassium Iodide (KI)

UPDATE: Warning "U.S. Scraps Plan for Anti-Radiation Pills" USA TODAY 1-29-08

WASHINGTON-- The federal government will not give anti-radiation pills to millions of people who live 10 to 20 miles from a nuclear plant... in case of an accident or terrorist attack, the White House said Monday. Some members of Congress and thyroid cancer activists expressed outrage. Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., called it "reckless endangerment of the American people." The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has long opposed wider distribution of potassium iodide pills... The NRC also has expressed concern that pill distribution could undermine public confidence in the safety of the nation's nuclear plants. Markey, author of the 2002 legislation, called it "inexcusable that the White House would decide to leave children and their families totally unprotected from a potential meltdown or terrorist attack on a nuclear power plant." The NRC stated that it saw "very few scenarios under which radiation could spread that far and people could be evacuated in time to avoid exposure."

Nitro-Pak comment: Give us a break! Ever heard of "downwinders"? They said the same thing to Nevada & Utah citizens in the 50's & 60's which "fallout" from nuclear tests blew in the wind everywhere and which resulted in widespread cancer cases years and years later.

EVACUATIONS? Simple & easy like the government would have you believe? Give us another break. Just ask the residents of Houston TX how easy it was to evacuate Hurricane Rita back in 2005! Tens of thousands were grid locked for days and was a total failure. Orderly evacuations are a bureaucratic pipe dream. Panic will over ride peoples actions every time. Don't buy into this lie... you have too much at stake.

IOSAT® Potassium Iodide is the EXACT same FDA APPROVED Potassium Iodide sold for up to $25 per 14 tablet unit in Pharmacies across the nation. IOSAT Potassium Iodide is the only registered FDA Approved Potassium Iodide to be offered in a convenient foil sealed unit. Each foil sealed tablet is individually perforated for simple dispensing.


Please note: If you purchase IOSAT elsewhere, check the dating of the package. Some companies are offering 2, 3 or 4 year old product. Know what your getting BEFORE you buy! If the deal's too good to be true…

We offer IOSAT Potassium Iodide in:

  • SINGLE PACKS (1 person for 14 days)
  •  7 Packs (98 day supply for 1 person)
  •  28 Packs (Family of 4 for 98 days)
  • Case Box of 300 (BULK Purchase)

 How Much Potassium Iodide Should One Store or Have on Hand?

This is one of our most asked questions. The answer depends on your reason for buying Potassium Iodide in the first place. The fact that you are here at our website shows you are obviously trying to get properly prepared. Here's some questions to ask yourself–

  1. Do you live near or down wind of a nuclear power plant?
  2. Does nuclear waste travel by rail or truck through your city?
  3. Are you concerned about the possibility of a terrorist "dirty radioactive bomb"?
  4. Are you trying to be prepared in case of a nuclear war or multiple terrorist nuclear attacks?

Answering the above questions is the first step in determining your personal comfort level and how prepared you want to be.

Defense experts and 'Doctors for Disaster Preparedness' have long recommend keeping a 100 day supply (7 fourteen tablet units) per person on hand, not just the normally sold 14 tablets (2 week) supply usually suggested

. "… if you haven't stored some potassium iodide, there will probably be NONE available to you in a time of crisis… a 100 day supply is recommended." —Doctors for Disaster Preparedness

So Why Store a 100 day Supply?

The 'Doctors for Disaster Preparedness' organization feels that if you are going to prepare, buy a little extra peace-of-mind (or extra for those around you). The recommendation comes not so much because of a "nuclear accident", in which case the single 14 day supply would be quite adequate, but more as a result of terrorist hitting various facilities or in the event of a limited Nuclear War. They feel that under one of these situations, more than one nuclear weapon, dirty bomb, or facility might be hit or nuclear weapon might be used over perhaps a 100 day period of time (tit for tat).

No matter what the "unthinkable" possibilities might be, only you can decide the level of preparedness you want for you and your family. If you are here reading this, you undoubtedly have already run this through you mind. Whether it is purchasing IOSAT Potassium Iodide or other Preparedness Supplies like having a 90 day emergency food storage reserve, 72 hour emergency kit, high quality first-aid kit, 2-4 week water storage reserve, etc, it's like buying home or life insurance… you don't want to buy too little, yet you don't want to go "overboard". Just like all insurance, you hope you'll never have to use it, but if you do, you'll be ready and protected.

Just as in buying any type of insurance, you must be prepared in advance, rather than being just one minute too late. When crisis strikes, the time to prepare is over. It will be like trying to buy fire insurance when the house is on fire. Time and time again we have seen it happen when crisis strikes. Chernobyl, Desert Storm, and after 9-11, all of our in-stock supplies of Potassium Iodide vaporized off our shelves as customers bought all we had within minutes of the crisis hitting the news.

 Many of our customers had to wait up to 3 months (a little late if the real thing had happened) because the demand was so great and the supply is always made to current demand (think, just-in-time inventory). To crank out a new production, it usually takes up to four to 8 weeks. What ever amount you decide to invest in, we highly recommend you Do IT NOW while current supplies are readily available (if you are reading this after a crisis, sorry, it's probably already too late).

What Does Potassium Iodide Do? What Does it NOT Do?

In the event of a nuclear accident, radioactive dirty bomb or nuclear explosion, after the initial catastrophic event, Iodine 131 is released into the atmospere (basically, microscopic radioactive dust). This dust goes everywhere the prevailing winds are blowing… thus downwind of the target. If you breath in this radioactive dust (those around the target and downwind will) it is absorbed inside your body by the thyroid gland. This absorption can damage the thyroid and, over time, cause thyroid cancer.

When Potassium Iodide is taken as directed, it literally "floods" the thyroid with a stabilized iodine, basically saturating the thyroid gland so that the radioactive Iodine 131 particles cannot find a home and is expelled out the normal body waste channels. Potassium Iodide tablets can prevent up to 99% of the damage caused by radioactive nuclear fallout (dust). The recommended dosage for an adult is to take one tablet 30 minutes prior to exposure Click Here for FDA Information on Infant and Children Dosages for maximum effectiveness (the sooner you can take it the better after an event occurs).

What Potassium Iodide Doesn't Do

False rumors and misunderstandings have spread for years that Potassium Iodide stops all kinds of radiation exposure, but the fact is that Potassium Iodide is NOT a magic pill. Its one and ONLY job is to prevent thyroid cancer as a result of ingesting radioactive fallout (dust). It is NOT a radiation protection pill somehow stopping "radiation sickness" or anything else.

Quick Side Note

Nuclear radiation, like x-rays, is only stopped or minimized by… 1) Mass: The amount of solid material (concrete, lead, etc.) between you and the radiation source, 2) Distance: How far away you are from the radiation source, and 3) Time: There are many types of radiation. Most have what is called 'half-lives' that drop their radiation levels significantly over the first few hours and days. If you are interested in learning more about what really happens in the event of a nuclear explosion, we suggested reading "Surviving Doomsday". The title may seem scary, but it is written in clear, easy to understand language to help you understand the real facts, not hype.

Recent findings from Chernobyl (where 18 million children were given Potassium Iodide) suggest it is even more effective than previously realized, and that thyroid blocking can take place at smaller doses. Currently, however, package instructions should be followed in the event of a nuclear explosion from a power plant accident or a nuclear weapon.

How Long is the Shelf-Life of Potassium Iodide?

Potassium Iodide (KI), is inherently a stable element. If kept dry in an unopened container at room temperature, it can be expected to last well beyond the expiration date on the package. Because IOSAT is considered a pharmaceutical-approved item, the FDA mandated an expiration date from manufacture. There is a 7 year shelf-life from the manufacture date.

Why Should I Buy My Own Potassium Iodide? Aren't Nuclear Facilities and State Governments Stockpiling Potassium Iodide?

Good question. Many government agencies, states and Nuclear Power Plants have purchased LIMITED AMOUNTS of potassium iodide, but usually not enough dosages for everyone, especially not for the complete 14 day period.

Here is something to seriously consider— Even IF these agencies did stockpile enough supplies (which most haven't), think about the efficiencies of how government or bureaucratic agencies operate and lets say a nuclear event happens and you and your children need to starting taking your first dose in the next 30 minutes (or 2 or 3 hours if downwind).

QUESTION: Just how long will it take them to meet together and make a decision declaring an emergency (getting the company executives or city council and mayor together), then once declared, to find the supply and then figure out how best to distribute it? (hours? days?). Now once that is decided, how long will it take the police or whoever is going to go house to house to distribute the first dose to everyone in your community (1-2 days? a week? Remember, it is recommended to be taken 30 minutes prior to exposure for maximum protection). Perhaps instead, you'll need to drive downtown and stand in long lines with the rest of the community awaiting your turn to finally get your first tablet. Well, you get the picture. It is ALWAYS safer to store your own supplies and never rely on anyone else (or agency) to do that for you… Period!

I've Seen Cheapie Brands of Potassium Iodide (incorrect dosage and not FDA approved) or Iodate Tablets Sold Elsewhere. Isn't all Potassium Iodide the Same?

Absolutely NOT! There are only two FDA AUTHORIZED companies in the U.S. which have met and passed all FDA certification. IOSAT brand that is distributed by Nitro-Pak is the only FDA Approved Potassium Iodide approved by the government for nuclear emergencies. There are many UNAUTHORIZED, Non-FDA uncertified brands we've found being sold on the internet and in some stores. Don't be duped.

Common Characteristics of UNAPPROVED Tablets:

  • Any tablets which contain iodate (not iodide)
  • Tablets labeled as 'nutritional supplements'
  • Brands sold under the names of:

Rad Block, No-Rad, Pro KI, Rad Safe, Rad Guard, and KI4U. (There may be other private label brands besides these). For those looking to buy in bulk, IOSAT comes Master Packed in cases of 300 packets.

We offer IOSAT Potassium Iodide in:

SINGLE PACKS (1 person for 14 days), in 7 packs (98 day supply for 1 person),28 Packs (Family of 4 for 98 days), Case Box of 300 (BULK Purchase)

IOSAT Potassium Iodide - Single Pak

Item Number:4505

Ship Weight:0.03 lbs.

Customer Reviews

  1. Great & Trustworthy Product Review by Sandy

    Please hurry & get more in stock :) (Posted on 4/5/2011)

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