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Suture / Syringe Medic Pocket Kit

Item #3173
All Features and Specs

MSRP: $24.00

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The Nitro-Pak
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Compact Pocket Suture & Syringe Kit

(We also offer a Deluxe Suture Syringe Kit, Replacement Sutures and Suture & Surgical Kit Other Suture & Surgical Kits & Sutures)

To assist travelers through Customs, the Suture/Syringe Medic Kit has a written note identifying the contents "for personal use only in the event illness, accident or emergency" in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, Malay and Urdu. Entire kit comes packed in a waterproof airtight zip pouch.

Overseas travelers can use the contents of this kit to provide sterile supplies for:

  • Immunizations
  • Injection of Medications
  • Drawing of Blood Samples
  • Administration of local antesthetics for suturing or dental procedures
  • Wound Closure
  • Administration of I.V. fluids

The Suture/Syringe Medic Kit Includes:

  • 5.0 Nylon Suture with Attached Needle
  • 1cc. Syringe with Needle
  • 3cc. Syringe
  • 25 gauge. x 5/8" Needle
  • 18 gauge. x 1.5" Needle
  • 21 gauge x 1.5" Needle
  • 18 gauge Intravenous Catheter 
  • 2 Nitrile Exam Barrier Gloves
  • 3 Anti-Microbial/Bacterial Towlette Wipes
  • Zip-Locking Waste Bag
  • Waterproof Carrying Pouch

 Protect yourself against HIV and Hepatitis. Low cost "insurance".

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Suture / Syringe Medic Pocket Kit Videos

Item Number: 3173

Ship Weight: 1.50 lbs.

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