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3-0 Sterile Medical Suture / Single

Item #3187
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3-0 Medical Sterile Sutures

Brand new, freshly dated American hospital grade 3-0 x 18” black nylon sterile sutures with attached reverse 24mm 3/8 circle cutting needles. Made with nylon monofilament. Each sterile suture is double sealed for extra protection. The monofilament is smooth and is very flexible with minimal "memory," which prevents the thread from becoming fixed in a curve or twist. We’ve seen these selling for as much as $12.99 each, so you can see what a great deal these are.

  • FRESH DATED – Brand New Production 3-0 Sutures
  • Hospital Human Grade – NOT Vet animal grade
  • NOT Old Military Surplus or Expired Sutures
  • MADE in the U.S.A. Not made overseas!

The 3-0 suture size is useful for a variety of procedures, including areas requiring stronger tissue retention such as scalp, limbs, torso, gut, foot or hand. This size suture is also good for closure of muscle layers. Monofilament sutures are non-absorbable, making them suitable for longer-term closures.

These 3-0 sutures include an attached reverse cutting 24mm needles and the monofilament measures 18” long. Reverse cutting needles are sharp and strong, ideal for tough tissue, such as skin or tendons. Medical professionals use reverse cutting needles almost exclusively for this reason. They also have a reduced risk of cutout because the cutting edge is opposite the pull of the wound.

The suture needles are swaged; the suture thread is run directly into the end of the needle, rather than being threaded through and tied onto a needle eye. Swaged sutures save physicians, nurses, and professionals the time that it takes to tie a suture. Second, the narrower join of a swaged needle causes less tissue trauma.

Made in the USA.


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