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4-0 Medical Sterile Absorbable Suture / Single


Suture 3-Pak - All 3 sizes

Deluxe Suture/Syringe Kit

SKU: 3190

Quick Overview

The best Surgical & Syringe Kit available anywhere! Exclusively developed by a medical trauma instructor and doctor practicing at Stanford University. Our Deluxe Suture & Syringe Kit contains the essentials for suturing in emergencies.

MSRP: 80.0000



Deluxe Suture & Syringe Kit

Ideal as a part of your emergency medical supplies or when traveling, especially when visiting developing/third world countries where sterile components are not always available. This kit contains everything you need to clean, close, and dress wounds where ever your travels take you.  Developed by a Medical Doctor & Professor practicing and teaching at Stanford University. A hospital quality field surgical kit for closing wounds, injections of medications, anesthetic or for starting or delivering I.V.

  • Hospital-Grade Stainless Steel Components
  • Hospital-Grade Sterile Syringes
  • Complete kit for most minor wounds
  • Best Deluxe Suture & Syringe Kit We've Ever Seen!

List of Contents Included in Suture/Syringe Kit:

* Mayo-Hagar needle holder

* 5" Stainless steel scissors

* 4.5" Thumb tissue forceps (tweezers), mouse-tooth

* 3-0 Nylon suture with cutting edge

* 5-0 Nylon suture with cutting edge

* Scalpel, Sterile, Disposable with #11 Blade

* I.V. Starter kit

* 2 3cc syringes

* 5cc syringe

* 10cc irrigation syringe with catheter

* 2 sterile 25 g. x 5/8" needles

* 2 sterile 18 g. x 1.5" needles

* 2 sterile 21g. x 1.5" needles

* 1 Angiocatheater, 18g x 1.25"

* 2 Pair of surgical sterile gloves

* 3/4 oz. Providone Iodine

* 1 Sterile drape towel

* 4 Triple antibiotic packets

* 2 5"x9" trauma dressings

* 2 sterile gauze dressings (4"x4" or 3"x3" or 2"x2")

* 10 Suture-less wound closure strips, .25" x 4"

* 2 Skin Tac wipes (applied around wound so closure strips or wound bandages stick to the skin)

* 5 Aftercuts & scrapes Antiseptic towelettes

* 2 3"x4" non-adherent sterile dressings

* bandage, 3" Conforming sterile gauze dressing

* surgical tape, 1/2" x 10 Yards

* Suture folding nylon inner case

* Deluxe zippered nylon carrying bag

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