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Military Trauma Bandage - 6 inch

Item #3522

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Quick Overview

Perhaps the "ultimate" emergency wound trauma bandage available today! An essential item for EVERY First Aid or Trauma Kit! This combat proven trauma bandage has become the bandage of choice for military's around the world. American forces are now using this advanced new bandage to save lives by stopping severe trauma bleeding. It has been approved for use by the U.S. Military, NATO, the FDA, and others as a life saving device.

Military Trauma Bandage - 6"

Perhaps the "ultimate" emergency trauma bandage available today! An essential item for EVERY First Aid or Trauma Kit! This combat proven trauma bandage has become the trauma bandage of choice for military's around the world. American forces are now using this advanced new bandage to save lives by stopping severe trauma bleeding. It has been approved for use by the U.S. Military, NATO, the FDA, and others as a life saving device.

Combat medics, trauma room doctors, and emergency responders all recommend the Emergency Trauma Bandage for the treatment of puncture wounds, severe gashes, gunshot wounds, and other life threatening traumatic bleeding injuries.

In fact, this is the same trauma bandage that is included in every U.S. Military soldier's individual first aid kit. It's that good! The Emergency Bandage is perfect for both the untrained lay person as well as the seasoned medical professional.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting a few extra of these bandages for adding to your first-aid supplies, 72 Hour Kit, your boat, ATV or snowmobile... just-in-case. Without a doubt, we definitely consider this an ESSENTIAL piece of safety gear for ANYONE serious about preparedness!

The U.S. Military has purchased over ONE-MILLION of these bandages!

Currently used by Army Rangers, Special Forces, Navy Seals, FBI, CIA, and by many EMS, Fire Departments, Search & Rescue, and Police departments all over the world.

It can be used just about anywhere on the body including the head, chest, abdomen, arm, leg, groin, etc. Can even be used as a sling to immobilize sprained or broken limbs.

One reason for its large following is that it saves valuable time in an emergency or disaster situation where every second counts. The sooner the treatment begins the better the victim's chances of survival, particularly in cases of severe bleeding.

The trauma bandage is so easy to use that even an injured person acting alone can effectively apply the bandage using only one hand, including tourniquet application, for self-treatment when no help is available!

Our Trauma Bandage incorporates a non-adherent sterile dressing, an easily wrapped pressure dressing, and the ability to convert that pressure into a tourniquet if required.

Applications: Emergency Preparedness & Disasters / Military - Medics, Soldiers / First Responders / Emergency Medical Services / Law Enforcement / Personal First-Aid Kits, just to name a few.

Trauma Bandage provides immediate and effective direct pressure to the wound. It consolidates many as FOUR first aid devices such as: 1) Primary Dressing, 2) Secondary Dressing, 3) Pressure/Compression Dressing, and 4) tourniquet, all into one single unit.


  • Immediate direct pressure
  • Quick and easy self-application
  • Significant time, space, and cost savings 
  • Secure, water-resistant closure bar
  • Versatile Multi-Uses
  • Waterproof inner & outer protective seals 
  • Sterile non-adherent pad to eliminate the risk of causing pain and having the wound re-opened upon removal of the bandage.
  • Closure Bar enable closure and fixation of the Emergency Bandage at any point, on all parts of the body 

Product Details:

Specifications: 70" long elastic with integrated 6 x 7 in. sterile non-stick trauma pad and closure bar Weight: 4.5 oz. Color: olive green

Although primarily designed to help stop blood flow by applying pressure to the wound site, the 70-inch long elastic portion of the bandage can also be used to construct a sling, to bind a strain or sprain, to secure splints to a broken limb, or even as an improvised tourniquet. Each bandage is self-contained and requires no clips, Velcro, or pins to use so there is no loose parts that can get lost or misplaced in an emergency.

The Trauma Wound Bandage comes DOUBLE PACKAGED with an outer protective bag with simple to understand instructions printed on the backside, and an inner hermetically vacuum sealed bag protecting the sterile bandage itself. The package is small enough to be carry in a pocket or purse.

The bandage has a built-in pressure bar, which allows you to twist the bandage around the wound once, and then change the direction of the bandage, wrapping it around the limb or body part, to create pressure on the wound. Aside from this, the pressure bar also makes bandaging easier. A closure bar at the end of the bandage means that it clips neatly into place and will not slip.


  • 90% of battle deaths occur in the pre-hospital phase
  • About half of all battlefield fatalities are due to hemorrhage bleeding
  • Bleeding is the single major cause of death among those killed in action 
  • Up to 25% of battle casualties could benefit from rapid bleeding control
  • Trauma is the leading cause of death for persons aged 1-44
  • Trauma causes more deaths annually in the U.S. than all diseases combined
  • Average EMS response time from report of injury to EMS arrival on the scene is 6-8 minutes 
  • Average on-scene treatment time is 30-40 minutes 
  • Average transport time to hospital is 8-10 minutes 

 Nine Simple Steps to Apply the Israeli Bandage Properly:

  1. Remove the emergency trauma bandage package from the casualty's kit 
  2. Remove the bandage from the pouch 
  3. Place the pad (dressing) on the wound 
  4. Wrap the elastic bandage around the wounded extremity 
  5. Insert the elastic bandage completely into the pressure bar
  6. Pull the elastic bandage back over the top of the pressure bar, forcing the bar down onto the pad 
  7. Wrap the elastic bandage tightly over the pressure bar 
  8. Continue to wrap the elastic bandage around the limb so that all edges of the pad are covered 
  9. Secure the hooking end of the closing bar into the elastic bandage to secure the bandage Order yours NOW!

Item Number:3522

Ship Weight:0.22 lbs.

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