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QUIK and EZ Premier Family Reserve

Item #1910
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The Nitro-Pak
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Another NITRO-PAK Exclusive! Signature Elite Series™

QUIK & EZ™ Premier Family Reserve

Provides a Family of 4 for 3 Months with Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Meals, Side Dishes, Desserts, Snacks and Beverages.  All-Inclusive!

OUR BEST FOOD RESERVE we have EVER offered (or anyone else has for the matter)!  It’s an INDUSTRY FIRST!  Nothing, and I mean nothing even comes remotely close to this incredible food reserve for your investment dollar!

What makes our Signature Elite ‘QUIK & EZ Family Reserve’ so different? Here’s SIX Great Reasons Why…

  1. All lunch & dinner entrées are individually PRE-PACKAGED in hearty sized 20-24 oz Dual-Serving foil sealed pouches! That’s up to 33% more food per serving that the competition!
  2. You’ll get a total of 28 DIFFERENT breakfast, lunch & dinner INSTANT meals to choose from PLUS you also get side dish meals, desserts, snacks and beverages included! No one offers more selection or better tasting gourmet meals. NO ONE!
  3. ULTRA-convenience INSTANT meals you can “just add water and eat” straight from the pouch with no dishes to clean, NO COOKING or PREPARATION needed ever!
  4. REAL Freeze-Dried Gourmet Meals your WHOLE family will love! Most are made with REAL Freeze-Dried Meats and never any cheap meat substitutes! Compare!
  5. All meals come packed in multiple easy to store 6 pouch cases that are easy to store and can also be easily divided between family & friends if the need arises!
  6. Provides over 2100 Calories per person per day!

 Our Lightest, Simplest & Fastest Preparing Reserve Ever!

The Signature Elite ‘QUIK & EZ Family Reserve’ has been designed to feed a HUNGRY FAMILY of 4 for 3 months, or 2 people for 6 months, with #1 RATED delicious tasting Mountain House freeze-dried foods!!  

We developed this unit because we have had numerous requests to make a food reserve unit that uses pre-packaged lightweight foil sealed pouches instead of cans. Now you’ve got it!

Nothing has been held back in putting this incredible food reserve together! Mountain House pouches definitely have many advantages. They are lighter in weight than #10 cans and can also be easily divided up for storage or dispensing to family or friends in an emergency. This unit was also designed so you can use the pouch to add hot water directly into and eat straight from the re-sealable pouch! What could be easier?

Granted, this unit costs a little more, but look what you get for your investment:

  1. All dinner/lunch entrees are pre-packaged in super lightweight dual serving pouches.
  2. Every dinner and lunch entree provides a hearty 10-12 ounce servings per person (standard is 8 oz).
  3. You’ll get the LARGEST SELECTION of any food reserve unit we’ve ever seen or offered… a total of 28 DIFFERENT MEALS to choose from. 
  4. Plus you’ll get over 2100 calories per day per person!

I could not believe that any freeze dried meal could become exactly like a real fresh cooked meal. THIS ONE DID!!! Everyone that tried my meal wanted to know where to find it. This meal could be served in a four star restaurant. -- S.W., Milford, NH

 Virtually a Gourmet Food Storage Buffet with 28 Entrée Choices!

Each ‘Quik & EZ Family Reserve’ includes the best of Mountain House’s dinner & lunch entrees from classic favorites like savory Beef Stroganoff, Sweet & Sour Pork, mouth-watering Lasagna, Chicken Teriyaki to premium top-of-the-line freeze-dried Grilled Chicken Breast Patties! Enjoy 24 different lunch & dinner entrees and 4 additional breakfast entrees like hot Breakfast Skillet with hash browns and scrambled eggs with sausage, or a classic favorite like Blueberry Granola. Most of these entrees include REAL freeze-dried meats that you’ll not find elsewhere. In addition to the main course entrees for each meal, we have also included dinner side dishes, desserts, drinks, and snacks your whole family will love!

Quick, Simple and Truly EZ Meals… Even for Kids! 

This is what I call a “no-brainer” food storage reserve. WHY “No-Brainer”? Because it requires NO Meal Preparation, NO Cooking, NO Meal Planning, NO COOKBOOKS, NO GRAIN GRINDERS and best of all, NO Dishes OR CLEANUP.

Every delicious tasting meal is as EASY as adding hot water (cold water can be used in a pinch) directly into the “cooker” re-sealable pouch, wait 5–8 minutes, and eat.  IT’S THAT EASY!!! You can even eat straight from the pouch. In addition, these meals are SUPER-LIGHTWEIGHT and come conveniently packed 6 pouches per box (12 meals each) which makes for EASY STORAGE anywhere in your house!  

Mountain House Super Long 30 Year Shelf-Life! 

Shelf-life for all Mountain House food pouches have now been extended to an amazing 30 years when properly stored after purchased.  No one else comes close to making such a guarantee of freshness!

Now I have PERSONALLY tasted Mountain House pouched foods that were over 30 years old and found them to still be very good tasting and appetizing. I would not hesitate to eat any Mountain House foods that were 30+ years old or more since tasting these results. 

* Some non-entrée items & snacks included in the Quik & EZ unit will have a shorter shelf-life and will need rotation as time passes. See full listing of contents in the "What's Included" tab for shelf-life information. Just like all of Nitro-Pak food reserve units, should an item become unavailable, we will substitute it with a similar item of equal or greater value. Total unit shipping weight is approximately 540 pounds and will come shipped on a pallet to your home via a freight truck.


Why Choose Mountain House® Pouched Reserves?

We use only Mountain House FREEZE-DRIED entrée pouches because they are simply the best tasting, highest quality, longest storing and fastest preparing food reserves available ANYWHERE! Read on and I’ll tell you the whole story.

Over the years, we’ve tasted just about every brand out there and nothing comes close for taste and ease of use as Mountain House freeze-dried foods. You see, other “pouch meal”  food storage manufacturers use inexpensive and cheap ingredients to make dry blended powdered “soup base” mixes. They then toss in a sprinkling of freeze-dried or dehydrated vegetables and say, or imply, that they are “freeze-dried meals”. 

Mountain House is the ONLY, yes I said ONLY company that actually starts with fresh foods, prepares them, seasons and blends them like you would at home, then fully COOKS and FREEZE-DRIES their own meals and foods. This entire process ensures their full flavor and gourmet taste are preserved together for long term storage. In addition, it is also the reason MH foods reconstitute so fast compared to others. Just add water and eat! No other “food storage” company actually makes and FREEZE-DRIES their own meals. 

I’ve personally been to Mountain House’s corporate headquarters and factory and what I saw was amazing. I’ve never seen quality control and standards this high before. Every step of the freeze-dry process is tightly regulated to insure a perfect product every time. This is a  company that is USDA approved and makes freeze-dried foods not only for their own brands but for a variety of other food companies and even the U.S. military. 

Why is Removing the Oxygen from the Package so Important?

One of the ‘5 Deadly Enemies to Food Storage’ is oxygen. You see, whether it is freeze-dried foods or powdered blend mixes, oxygen MUST be removed from the final packaging for long term storage. The best way to do that is by using an oxygen absorber packet (about the size of a sugar packet). Properly sized for the packaging, they will absorb over 99% of the residual oxygen. Residual oxygen otherwise will oxidize and ruin the food over time. The more the residual oxygen left in the package, the faster the food oxidizes and goes bad.

We recently had one big pouch company tell us that they “nitrogen flushed” their pouches before sealing them to remove the residual oxygen. We had our doubts and decided to hire, not one, but two independent outside testing firms to test for residual oxygen levels in several different company pouches, including Mountain House. Both testing companies came back with just about the same results which were downright scary.

We found some company pouches had over 20% OXYGEN content left inside (the air we breathe is about 21% oxygen)! That meant that their “nitrogen flushing” claims were worthless. Other’s oxygen levels varied from package to package and company to company. Mountain House was the ONLY company that was consistently 98%+ oxygen-free. The industry standard is at least 98% oxygen removal to ensure long term storage. No other brand we tested consistently met that standard except Mountain House. 

 Why is having a 7 Layer Foil Sealed Pouch that Big a Deal?

We recently did some research on food pouch material and what works best for long term storage and that could actually provide a 25 year shelf-life claim. We were very surprised at what we found. Nearly all food storage pouch companies used cheap 1 to 3 layer mylar material for their pouches. Most of these pouches you can see straight through them when held up to light (light is another of the ‘5 deadly enemies’ to food storage). Nearly all would allow for light and oxygen transfer through the pouch to the inner food, thus GREATLY reducing their shelf-lives.

Conversely, Mountain House uses a 7 layered pouch that includes an actual LAYER OF FOIL sandwiched between the layers. This multi-layered food pouch has been proven superior over the test of time. With nearly 50 years of research & testing and selling millions of pouched foods to campers and the U.S. military, they have a tract record with proven results to backup their claims. These pouches cost a little more (as any premium product does) but the protection and insurance it provides, like a well constructed home security safe, is well worth the extra cost.  Yes, their 7 layered pouch is a VERY BIG DEAL!

Why do Freeze-Dried Entrees & Foods Taste Better!

Once reconstituted, freeze-dried foods look and taste just like freshly cooked frozen foods from the grocery store. That’s what customers want… great taste and super long shelf-life!  We have conducted consumer taste test over & over and Mountain House has always been the clear winner… even with picky kids! I’ve seen kids time and again come back to our booth display at expos and ask for seconds or thirds. That says a lot!

AWESOME!!! This is the best food in a pouch I have ever had. The chicken was tasty and moist and the taters had that freshly peeled potato taste  -- D.L., Casper, WY

Why Doesn’t Any Competitor Freeze-Dry Their own Foods or Meals?

I can answer that in one word, expense. You see, freeze-drying is not a cheap process like blending a few dry powdered ingredients together that anyone could do in their own home. Mountain House is the ONLY company who has the ability to make any type of freeze-dried food you can imagine including fruits & vegetables, real meats to completely cooked entrée meals. To do this requires an incredibly expensive investment of specialized equipment, specialized personnel, tons of quality control steps & inspections, and up to 2 days of time to make each food item, but it is the SECRET of why their foods taste superior, are nearly instant to prepare and store much longer.

Why we Trust Mountain House’s 30 Year Shelf-Life Guarantee!

Mountain House has been in business for nearly 50 years and is the largest freeze-drying company in the world. No company in any industry can stay in business that long without making a superior product and that’s just what they do.

Nitro-Pak has sold their products now for over 18 years. We stand behind them 100% as the best money can buy. When you invest your hard earned money in any product you want the best bang for your buck and Mountain House delivers just that! They truly offer a superior product for long term food reserves and short term camping or backpacking adventures.

Most of the competition has been around for only 2-6 years yet boast unsubstantiated claims of having a 25 year shelf-life.  How can they make such claims when they have been only around for a few years? Where’s their 25 year real life data to back up their claims?

The bottom line is that if any company touts a 25 year shelf-life make them show how they came to that conclusion since they haven’t been around for 25 years. You’ll probably hear something like “we have some XYZ college studies of individual freeze-dried ingredients we found”. That doesn’t count. There is no question of freeze-dried vegetables, fruits or meats can last for 25 years when packed in cans and stored. That’s not what they are selling.

Here’s some final closing thoughts from someone who has been is this industry for nearly 30 years. You are spending good money to protect you and your family in the event of a job loss or crisis with a food reserve. Just like an insurance policy, or buying high quality security safe, you want the best for your investment dollar.

For my money, Mountain House offers the best tasting, fastest making and longest storing food reserves in the industry. They are the one you can count on when you really need to use your food reserves!

Harry R. Weyandt

President, Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center, Inc.

  • (18) --- Rice and Chicken
  • (18) --- Spaghetti w / Meat Sauce
  • (18) --- Chicken ala King
  • (18) --- Hearty Beef Stew
  • (18) --- Beef Stroganoff
  • (24) --- Chicken Teriyaki
  • (18) --- Lasagna w / Meat and Sauce
  • (18) --- Chili Mac w/ Beef
  • (18) --- Noodles and Chicken
  • (18) --- Wild Rice and Mushroom Pilaf
  • (18) --- Sweet and Sour Pork w / Rice
  • (18) --- Turkey Tetrazzini
  • (18) --- Pasta Primavera
  • (18) --- Mexican Chicken w / Rice
  • (18) --- Macaroni and Cheese
  • (18) --- Chicken Breast w / Mashed Potatoes
  • (18) --- Chicken Fajita
  • (18) --- New Orleans Rice w / Shrimp
  • (18) --- White Bean Chili
  • (60) --- Peas Sweet Garden
  • (60) --- Corn Super Sweet
  • (30) --- Scrambled Eggs w / Ham
  • (30) --- Scrambled Eggs w / Bacon
  • (132) - Granola w / Blueberries and Milk
  • (54) --- Breakfast Skillet Wrap
  • (12) --- Raspberry Crumble
  • (12) --- Apple Crisp
  • (6)   --- Back Packer Pantry can Instant White Rice   25 YEAR SHELF LIFE
  • (18) --- Mountain House can Pilot Crackers   25 YER SHELF LIFE
  • (6)   --- Rocky Mountain can Milk   20 YEAR SHELF LIFE
  • (6)   --- Rocky Mountain can Apple Drink   20 YEAR SHELF LIFE
  • (6)   --- Rocky Mountain can Orange Drink   20 YER SHELF LIFE
  • (2)   --- Rocky Mountain can Candy   30 YEAR SHELF LIFE
  • (40) --- Millennium Bar / Vanilla
  • (40) --- Millennium Bar / Orange
  • (40) --- Millennium Bar / Cherry
  • (40) --- Millennium Bar / Blueberry
  • (40) --- Millennium Bar / Apricot
  • (40) --- Millennium Bar / Coconut
  • (40) --- Millennium Bar / Lemon
  • (40) --- Millennium Bar / Raspberry
  • (40) --- Millennium Bar / Tropical Fruit

(As with all our emergency reserve units, should an item become out-of-stock or is discontinued, we will substitute that item with another of equal or greater value and utility)

Item Number: 1910

Ship Weight: 541.00 lbs.

Product Supply Type: Food

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