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Mountain House

Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods

  • •110% Price Match Guarantee
  • •Lightweight Freeze Dried Meals ideal for Camping.
  • •Just mix contents with boiling water & let stand for a few minutes.
  • •Good for family use, emergencies, camping, hunting, general preparedness.

Mountain House is pretty much the gold standard when it comes to freeze fried food for backpacking, camping, or whatever occasion might call for quick, easy to prepare meals..” -Christy A.

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You can't prevent life’s uncertainties, but you surely can prepare for them!

In today’s world, we live with many uncertainties. Threats of terrorism, hurricanes, earthquakes, political unknowns, stock market worries, growing government debt and rising prices on everything, all of which has made life even more unpredictable. Many of these events we have no control over and can’t prevent, but you can be prepared for whatever life brings your way, and Mountain House and Nitro-Pak are here to help you meet those challenges head on.

For nearly 50 years, Mountain House has been manufacturing pre-cooked and prepared REAL mountain house freeze dried meal (most made with real meats too) for home emergency food storage in their protective vault-like sealed cans. They also make a wide selection of mouthwatering light-weight meals for outdoorsmen, campers and backpackers who demand the very best. Mountain House has been around since the 1960’s when they provided light-weight delicious just-add-water meals for the Apollo Space program.

Unlike all other camping and emergency food manufactures, Mountain House is the ONLY company who actually prepare, blends and cooks their own meals, then freeze-dries then themselves to rigid USDA and military sandards. The result is a superior tasting product that your whole family will love and be asking for more! Yes, compared to cheaper mixed powdered blends, Mountain House freeze dried meals do cost a little more, but are worth every cent! When reconstituted, they have the same taste, texture and look of fresh frozen meals.

Besides being great tasting, they are by far and away the fastest meals to make…ready to eat in under 10 minutes as compared to others taking 15-20 minutes or more! You will also like the fact that they use a fraction of the fuel needed compared to other brands, which in a disaster or on the trail, may be scarce or limited. Other competitors may tout ‘so-called’ 15-25 year shelf-lives, but only Mountain House has PROVEN tested products to back their MINIMUM 25 Year Shelf-Life Guarantee (compare that to other’s fine print “up to” shelf-life which may last anywhere from 3 years to…what?).

Take it from Nitro-Pak, when it comes to SUPERIOR TASTE, COMPACT STORAGE, FASTEST PREPARING, LONGEST SHELF-LIVE and EASE of JUST-ADD-WATER MEALS, nothing, and we mean nothing, outshines Mountain House freeze dried foods. We give them our top 5-STAR rating. We trust and use Mountain House freeze dried foods to protect our own families, recommend them to our friends, and highly recommended them to protect you and your family. When you really need them, you be glad you chose Mountain House Meals!