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40 Serving QUIK and EZ Freeze-Dried Meat Bucket

Item #1310
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The Nitro-Pak
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PREMIUM Freeze-Dried Meats Bucket— 40 Servings!

Each of our FREEZE-DRIED MEAT BUCKETS contain 40 pouches (approx. 2/3 cups per serving) of REAL beef or chicken! Excellent for adding to your favorite recipes they may call for meats or may be served all by itself. Since it is pre-cooked, you can even eat it straight from the pouch as a snack! Freeze-dried meats taste great and will store for 7+ years*.

Why Choose a Nitro-Pak® Bucket Reserve?

We know you have a choice when buying bucket food reserves. It can be really confusing we know. Many unknown Johnny come lately have sprung up touting many false claims and inferior products. So why buy ours? Here’s a quick list:

1) We only use the best tasting and finest quality freeze-dried foods made by Mountain House® and Backpacker’s Pantry.

2) Every pouch includes an oxygen absorber to greatly extend the shelf-life.

3) Shelf-Life: No one offers a longer PROVEN nutritional shelf-life.*

4) Thicker and beefier foil sealed pouches add more protection.

5) Our bucket is 4x stronger than the competition PLUS our exclusive re-locking spin-lid provides added protection and easy access to your foods anytime!

When you add it all up, no one offers better a value or higher quality than Nitro-Pak!


  • Freeze-Dried REAL Diced Beef (20)
  • Freeze-Dried REAL Diced Chicken (20)

When it comes to high quality and light weight food reserve buckets, we think our PREMIER Food Reserve buckets are the finest available anywhere! Unit comes packed in a reusable bucket to protect your reserves (a $8 value by itself).

Talk about CONVENIENCE, nothing could be easier! NO COOKING OR PREPARATION NEEDED! Just add hot water, wait about 8-10 minutes, and add to your favorite recipe! IT’S THAT EASY! No bulky 4-10 serving bags to hassle with like most of the other food buckets on the market!

You’ll enjoy the high quality of Backpacker’s Pantry premium quality freeze-dried meats. Unit comes packed in a reusable 4 gallon bucket. Bucket can be re-used for a variety of household uses or for storing other preparedness gear. Buckets are made to nest together for convenient, easy stacking!

All inner pouches are made of multi-layers of packaging for added protection, including a foil barrier to protect against light and oxygen transfer. IN ADDITION, each pouch in your unit comes packed with an OXYGEN ABSORBER to remove up to 99.8% of the residual oxygen. This greatly extends the shelf-life of the foods compared to the inconsistent and cheaper method of nitrogen gas. 

Because all our foods are packed in heavy-duty multi-layered pouches, you will be able to pour hot water directly into them to reconstitute the food. Afterwards you can even eat straight from the pouch if you choose! You can’t do this with the thin 1-3 layered mylar pouches used almost everywhere else!

Order your buckets NOW and save compared to buying pouches & bucket separately!

*Our conservative 7 year bucket food shelf-life is based on a nutritional shelf-life and NOT the lower standard of an edible shelf-life that most other companies use. There is a big difference between the two! Some companies even boast 25 year shelf-life claims that are totally baseless in documentation or testing. Don’t be duped. Most of these companies have not been around more than a few years yet make these false and misleading claims. Stick with proven brands like Mountain House® & Backpacker’s Pantry® who have been around for over 40 and 25 years respectively. We trust them!

Item Number: 1310

Ship Weight: 12.00 lbs.

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