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Metalized Liners - Ziplock

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Finally a simple and easy-to-use metalized liner for your plastic bulk food buckets. These are just as easy to use as the food ziplock type plastic bags in your kitchen but much larger and thicker with a layer of metalized material. They can be reused over and over again.

If you are storing bulk grains or food items, we highly recommend using these self-sealing metalized foil liners inside your buckets. No more special heat sealing machines ever needed again to seal your long term storage foods.

Why Use Metalized Bucket Liners?

Plastic buckets can allow vapors to transfer from items stored near by such as gasoline, pesticides, paints, laundry detergents and other chemicals to leach in and potentially affect the foods edibility. They also allow light to come through their walls potentially causing bleaching of the foods inside.

The Metalized Foil Liners provide an additional protective barrier from toxic vapors and sunlight. When combined with the appropriate number of Oxygen Absorber Pakets (Click Here for Oxygen Absorber Pakets) of long term storage.

These are the same triple layered liners we use in all of our 6 gallon bulk grain food buckets. They act as vapor, light, and oxygen barriers (when zip locked completely closed to provide an air-tight seal).

Designed for 5 to 6 gallon buckets. Measures approx. 18" x 28"

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