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  • OvaEasy Whole Powdered Egg Mix OvaEasy Whole Powdered Egg Mix
  • OvaEasy Whole Powdered Egg Mix OvaEasy Whole Powdered Egg Mix
  • OvaEasy Whole Powdered Egg Mix OvaEasy Whole Powdered Egg Mix

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Backpacker's Pantry #10 can Granola with Freeze-Dried Bananas and Milk

OvaEasy Whole Eggs - #10 can

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OvaEasy Whole Egg Crystals #10 Can with 6 Inner Sealed Foil Pouches

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 This is an Egg Revolution! Hands down, the OvaEasy egg crystals are the BEST TASTING powdered eggs we have ever tried and are perfect for daily use or adding to your long term storage food reserves. You can use them for making your favorite breakfast eggs and omelets or use in any recipe requiring eggs. Toss in some ham, bacon & grated cheese for a mouth-watering delight! You will be amazed at how delicious they taste!

  • Tastes like fresh whole eggs!
  • Just add water, whisk & cook!
  • Shelf-Life up to 7+ Years
  • No Preservatives or Additives
  • Each #10 Can Contains 6 dozen eggs! 

In a side-by-side taste test we conducted, we scrambled up some fresh whole eggs and some OvaEasy egg crystals to see if we could taste any difference. Our taste testers were all very surprised that they could not tell any difference between the two. This is as close as you can get to fresh eggs. They are that good!

These egg crystals been selected by the U.S. Military over other brands of powdered and freeze-dried eggs. Today they are used by the U.S Army & Navy and made under their stringent specifications.

OvaEasy all-natural, dried whole egg crystals are made with a revolutionary process that gently extracts water while preserving the delicious flavor and nutritional benefits of whole fresh eggs. OvaEasy eggs are fully pasteurized and contain NO chemical additives or preservatives and are produced under strict USDA inspection.

How easy to use?  Just add two parts of OvaEasy eggs with three parts of water, whisk to mix, and ready to cook or add to your favorite recipe in seconds. That’s it!

How they do itTheir technology slowly evaporates water from fresh whole eggs at low temperature, resulting in a dry crystalized powder (hence the name Egg Crystals) that is shelf-stable and retains the same flavor, nutritional value and functionality as fresh eggs.

Shelf-Life?  OvaEasy egg have a minimum shelf-life of 7+ years in #10 cans and a minimum shelf-life of 30 months when purchased in individual pouches. The combination of the metal can and oxygen absorber make possible the extended shelf-life. Once a pouch is opened, we recommend the contents should be used within about two months to ensure freshness. Once mixed or cooked, left-over eggs should be treated like fresh eggs and refrigerated.

Available in either cans or pouches. The pouches are great for backpackers, scouts, trailering or RVing. They are lightweight and easy to pack away. Pouches are available in 4.5 ounce and compact 2 ounce sizes. They are also great for using in egg protein shakes when traveling on the road. The #10 metal cans have 6 pouches inside and are perfect for long term emergency food storage. Choose the one that works best for your needs.

How many eggs do I get?  The #10 cans have 6 dozen (72) eggs per can packaged in 6 inner pouches. The 4.5 ounce pouch has 12 eggs per package and the compact 2 ounce pouch has 5.3 eggs. 1 Tbsp = 1 egg. For extra savings, Nitro-Pak offers multi packs to save you even more!

French Toast Mix, Too?  Brand new! The all-natural OvaEasy French Toast Mix is incredible and a welcome addition while out camping or backpacking. It has received raving reviews from customers. Just add water & use. 3.5 ounce package is enough for four servings of 2 slices each!

Customer Reviews:

Wow. These taste just like fresh cooked eggs. I was very surprised to say the least. I honestly though they were not going to be good. I was totally wrong! These looked just like fresh eggs when the water was added and tasted like fresh eggs. Great product will buy again to add to our emergency kit. -- Gregory G.


Very Pleasantly Surprised. I ordered the Egg Crystals for a trip to the BWCA and they were the hit of the trip. No one was quite sure what to expect when they came out for breakfast. I was told I could bring them again next year. -- Susan B.


Taste just like real eggs. Am very happy with the taste and texture. Worth the cost to stock up on OvaEasy Eggs!  -- DJenkins


Ova Easy eggs are great. These are really good to use camping, holiday baking. Ova Easy eggs are nothing like powdered eggs, they are the best! -- Twiwana F.


Great Product! If you've been reading the other reviews, you'll quickly see that they are very good. Hard to tell from fresh eggs after they are prepared. Easy to prepare and a good shelf life. It's all already been said. Yes, it's easy to say that I will be ordering more. -- Ronald C.


Love these things! I have camped out my whole life & eaten many, uhhhh forms, thats it, forms of eggs. They were all pretty much the same, Horrid! These crystals look and taste just like the REAL Eggs they started out being and are way easier to pack and care for while outdoors! Outstanding, gonna buy several cases so I don't run out. -- Derrel C. 

Additional Information

Weight 3.0000
MSRP $59.99
Size No
Product Supply Type Food
Shelf Life 7 Years
Shelf Life (Opened) No
Total Items 1
Total Servings 72

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 42.5g
Servings Per Container 72

Amount Per Serving Calories 63 Calories from Fat 42
% Daily Value Total Fat 4.7g 7% Saturated Fat 1.4g 7% Trans Fat 0g Cholesterol 241mg 80% Sodium 54mg 2% Total Carbohydrate .25g 0% Dietary Fiber 0g 0% Sugars 0g Protein 5g
Vitamin A 5% Vitamin C 0% Calcium 2% Iron 6% Potassium 54%
(1) #10 Can
Contains 72 Servings

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