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Jumbo LED Penlight, 375 Lumens

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At last, we are able to bring you a big, powerful 375 Lumen jumbo pen light that uses the latest COB LED technology to deliver the brightest possible light for its size with only minimal power consumption and offering a very long and useful life.

Its compact size coupled with its ultra-powerful LED light source means you shall have a powerful pen light ready to use at all times. Just take a look at the features we’ve packed into this impressive light and you’ll see that it delivers everything you need from a Pen Light – and much more!

COB LED Technology

COB (Chip On Board) LEDs are the very latest in LED technology. The individual LEDs are packed together in denser groups without individual casings thereby saving space and power – more light, less space. This is so much more than just another flashlight.

The powerful Promier 375 LUMEN JUMBO PEN LIGHT is fitted with COB LEDs for high efficiency super-bright light whenever and wherever you need it.

Powerful Magnetic Base

For effortless hands-free convenience when you have other things to do. The 375 Lumen Jumbo Light Pen’s magnetic base enables you to attach it to any suitable metallic surface leaving you free to use your hands for whatever it is you need to do.

Strong Pocket Clip

Keep your handy and compact 375 Lumen Jumbo Light Pen with you and ready to use at any time with the hard wearing integrated pocket clip. No more searching around in the dark for your torch – it’s right there at your fingertips, ready and waiting whenever you need it. Sometimes it’s the small details that make a big difference!

Emergency Red Lights Feature

For when things don’t go quite to plan your Jumbo Pen Light has a red emergency light feature to keep you safe and to warn others of the need to be cautious. A must for when you are traveling in your car or on your motorcycle.

Brighter Light plus Lower Power Consumption with you Wherever You Go

The Promier 375 Lumen Wide Beam COB LEDs fitted in this super compact light deliver powerful light with minimal power consumption in almost any situation making it the ideal traveling companion. Keep one handy around the house as well for those times when the power goes off during the hours of darkness.

Longer LED Life

This light uses COB LEDs that offer a very long lifespan with minimal power requirement and operating cost. Add this to all the other reasons to buy one and you’ll see that it really is the one to get – bright light, low cost, long life – get yours now.

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