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MRE Complete / Case of 12 / Hungry Man

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Meals-Ready-to-Eat Big Eater "Hungry Man" MREs

Our HIGHEST Calorie MRE we have EVER Offered!


MRE U.S. Military Style Meals with 12 Different Entrees.  

I have had many requests for a "Hungry Man" or Tactical, Big Eater sized version of our MREs for those who like, or need, big filling meals. Well, here it is. We went to our suppliers and asked them to put together a super beefy "affordable" MRE meal case for our customers! These MREs are EXCLUSIVE to NITRO-PAK and cannot be found anywhere else.

 MREs, which stands for "Meals Ready to Eat", are the latest U.S. Military field rations (meals) that are perfect for short backpacking treks, campers, hunters, and emergency reserves. MREs were developed to be eaten anywhere, anytime.

How long will an MRE store for? MRE military entrees and side dishes will remain nutritionally good for approximately 5 to 6 years when stored at room temperature according to rigid military testing. (Our current stock has a 4+ year shelf life) We suggest storing them in a cool dry place, the same as with all food reserves to maximized their shelf-lives. Storage temperature DOES affect the shelf-life of MREs as well as ALL foods.   Each meal comes packed in a rugged clear bag to protect each meal from the elements and provides convenient meal organization

Other components in each MRE meal will vary for shelf-life like crackers, candy and cookies. We have typically found these items still very good tasting after years of storage though sometimes harder or dryer but still very tasty to eat. Cracker spread will have a shorter shelf-life, around 2 years.

 Everything you need for a complete meal is included.

 MRE Advantages:

 1. Each Entree Meal is Pre-Cooked, Ready-to-Eat

2. Can be Eaten Hot or Cold Straight from the Pouch

3. Long Shelf-Life

4. Complete Meal in One Package

5. Great for Emergency Evacuation 6. No Cooking, Preparation or Water Needed.


 ***These MREs do not come with heater***

A typical complete meal provides approximately 1700 calories compared to most other civilian MREs at 500-1000 calories MRE Box Dimensions: approx. 10"w x 17.5"l x 15"h. Approx. 26 lbs. per case

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Each Complete MRE Meal Includes:

Main Entree
-Chicken Parmesan
-Southwest Beef and Black Beans
-Spaghetti in Meat Sauce
-Homestyle Chicken and Noodle
-Pork Sausage in Gravy
-Chicken with Feta Cheese
-Pasta with Vegetables
-Penne Pasta
-Vegetable Lasagna
-Chili with Beans
-Chicken Fajita
-Macaroni and Beef
-Chicken Tetrazzini
-Beef Stew
-Vegetable Stew with Beef

(All these are assorted possible examples*)

Military MRE Side Dish:
--Refried Black Beans
--Potato Cheddar Soup
--Fried Rice
--White Rice
--Brown Rice
--Santa Fe Style rice and Beans
--Mexican Rice

(All these are assorted possible examples*)

--Short Bread Cookies, Rye Crisp Crackers, Hard Candy

Accessory Packet Includes:
--Matches, Plastic Spoon, Wet Wipe Towelette, Jelly Cracker Spread, Salt & Pepper, Coffee, and Sugar.

(*Please understand that MRE entrees, sides dishes and components may change from time to time without notice due to current availability. Entree list shows possible current selections but is not a guarantee since our supply is always changing to meet military demands)

***These MREs do not come with heater***

Item Number: 827

Ship Weight: 24.60 lbs.

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