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XMRE 1300XT Individual Complete Meal


XMRE 2200XT Case of 6 Complete Meals / 6 Case Special

XMRE Individual Complete Meal

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XMRE Nitro-Pak Custom Individual Complete MRE Meal with Flameless Heater! 

NITRO-PAK EXCLUSIVE!  These XMRE MRE’s have been made and designed exclusively for Nitro-Pak. Each meal provides approximately 900 calories per meal of U.S. military and commercial grade ready-to-eat components. Compare with others offering as low as 500 to 700 calories.


  • Provides Approximately 900 Calories Per Meal
  • INCLUDES Flameless MRE Heater
  • All Components U.S. Military Grade
  • Fully Cooked Meals Ready-to-Eat
  • Minimum 4-5 Year Shelf-Life
  • Lightweight, Durable and Waterproof Packaging
  • Package Date Embossed on Each Meal & Case

Not only do you get the above, but each meal also includes a MIL-SPEC water activated Flameless Meal Heater (FMH) so you can have a hot meal anytime.  These are the actual MRE heaters than are used in every U.S. Military MRE.  These heaters require only about a quarter cup of water to activate. The flameless heater is capable of raising the temperature of an 8 ounces entree by 100 °F in about twelve minutes. A hot piping meal not only tastes better, it also provides added comfort in an emergency.  All components are field tested and fully cooked so they can be eaten straight out of the pouch. 

 These MREs are designed as a military MRE meal but will meet the needs for family emergency preparedness and outdoor activities like camping or hunting. These meals are also ideal for emergency operating centers for civic government, fire & police departments as well as for business disaster plan mitigation. For businesses, these MRE’s may be tax deductible for such planning. Shelf-life of these MREs is 4-5 years depending on storage temperature from manufacture date. As with all foods, cooler is always better.

Each complete XMRE XT Meal contains: One 8oz entrée, 1 MRE cracker or tortillas, snack/dessert or chocolate shake mix, cracker peanut butter or grape jelly spread, twin-pack of Chicklets gum, spoon, napkin, instant coffee, sugar, salt & pepper, moist towelette and INCLUDES Flameless MRE Heater. All components are packed in military grade water and tamper proof XMRE outer bag. 

Because the manufacture of MRE entrees and component are constantly changing, we have listed general items included. Call or email us for current component list.

Entrees: Cheese Tortellini, Beef Taco, Beef Brisket, Shredded BBQ Beef, Chicken Creole, Chicken Chunks, Creamy Spinach Fettuccini, Maple Pork Patty, Chicken Pesto Pasta, Lentils with Beef, Beef Stew, Elbow Macaroni & Cheese and Southwest Chicken & Rice.

Bread Item: (1 per meal) Military Pilot Bread Cracker, Flour Tortillas.

Snacks /Dessert/ Sides: (2 per meal)Mini Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Dairy Shake, Nut Raisin Mix, Corn Nuggets, Snack Animal Cookies, Dry Fruit Mix, and Vanilla or Chocolate Pudding.

Spread:  Peanut Butter, Grape Jelly (one each).

Beverage:  Single serve instant coffee.

Accessory Kit Includes:  Heavy-duty 6.75” inch spoon, Napkin, Moist Towelette, Salt and Pepper, Non-Dairy Creamer and 2 Sugar.

Waterproof Outer Bag:  Military grade water and tamper proof XMRE outer bag


MRE Heater (FRH):  Mil-Spec Flameless MRE Ration water activated Heater & bag.

Box:  Heavy-Duty box with packing date printed on box.


NOTE:  We will select one of our premium MRE meals out of our current offerings. Sorry, we are unable to offer individual MRE choices.


Additional Information

Weight 0.9500
Product Supply Type MRE
Shelf Life 3 - 5 Years
Shelf Life (Opened) No
Total Items 1
Total Servings 1 Complete Meal

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size
Servings Per Container

Amount Per Serving Calories Calories from Fat
% Daily Value Total Fat g 0% Saturated Fat g 0% Trans Fat g Cholesterol mg 0% Sodium mg 0% Total Carbohydrate g 0% Dietary Fiber g 0% Sugars g Protein g
Vitamin A % Vitamin C % Calcium % Iron % Potassium %

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