National Preparedness Month

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MRE Meals For Sale

We’re excited to announce four ALL-NEW MRE variations of MRE’s that just arrived! These are the freshest and finest selection of MRE Meals available anywhere! All have been made exclusively for Nitro-Pak® and NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE! Our new custom XT version comes with 12 difference entrée meals and INCLUDE a MRE heater in each meal. In addition, Our MRE Meals For Sale now offer three addition versions, i.e., extra hearty 1300XT, mega 2200XT 24hr Ration and the Blueline emergency responder MRE’s. Value for value, buck for buck, these MRE’s are a MUST for any serious preparedness reserve!!

Enjoy extra saving when you buy a 6-pak or full pallet. GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES MRE MEALS FOR SALE!

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