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Deluxe Solar Powered Battery Charger with Meter

Item #6548
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Deluxe Solar Battery Charger with Sun Strength Meter!

Harness the FREE POWER of the SUN to recharge your rechargeable batteries.

We have sold several Solar Battery Chargers over the past 25 years, but by far this is the BEST Solar Battery Charger we’ve EVER offered! Charger features a built-in over-sized solar panel that provides faster charging at ZERO COST to operate!

Bright sunlight is not necessary for this unit to work properly, but it does work faster when full sun is available. If there is cloudy overcast clouds, it can still work fine but it will obviously increase the time necessary to completely recharge your batteries. Our solar battery charger is an essential self-reliant item for emergency preparedness. In an disaster situation one of the first items to disappear from store shelves are batteries. 

Unit can charge 4 popular battery size; AAA, AA, C and D Cells. Built in blocking diode prevents discharging when there is no sunlight. Comes with weather-resistant polycarbonate transparent cover that is designed for protection against unpredictable weather and adds a layer of extra protection to the built-in solar panel.

Ideal for emergency use, home, camping when your batteries go dead. Two D-Cell batteries can be fully charged in about 11-21 hours in full sunlight. Two batteries can be charged at one time but please note that 2 different sized batteries cannot be recharged at the same time. Includes adjustable tilt panel to maximize sun strength. Batteries are not included. We recommend use of NiMh (metal hydride) batteries whenever possible for best results .

It puts out about 160mA and about 5 volts. 

Weight: 11.8 oz. Size: 6.8" W x 4.5" H x 2.3" D

Input Power: Solar Panel ~5V 160mA

Accepted Battery Sizes: AAA, AA, C, D

Accepted Battery Chemistry: Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)

1 Year Limited Warranty

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Approx. Charging Times*

  • AAA 180mAh 2-3 Hours 850mAh 6-12 Hours
  • AA 500mAh 4-7 Hours 2200mAh 15-31 Hours
  • C 1000mAh 7-14 Hours 4500mAh 31-62 Hours
  • D 1500mAh 11-21 Hours 10000mAh 69-138 Hours


*Charging times will vary depending upon the brand, capacity and condition of batteries being charged as well as the amount of sunlight provided to the solar panel.

Item Number: 6548

Ship Weight: 0.92 lbs.

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