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3 Watt Compact LED Flashlight

Dynamo Hand Powered Flashlight

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Russian Dynamo Flashlight

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"For strong, reliable, battery-free light, these Dynamo's are the best we've seen so far!"

--Scott Stoddard, ASG Magazine

NO BATTERIES NEEDED--EVER! Just repeatedly squeeze the handle to produce bright emergency light. Light stops when you stop squeezing the dynamo generator handle. Makes a great back-up light beside your bed, glovebox, etc.!

Our heavy-duty dynamo flashlights are truly unique and are the best dynamo flashlight we've ever tested! DON'T confuse them with the cheap Asian knockoffs. These are far and away the best dynamo flashlights we have ever tested!

Our Russian Dynamo squeezing flashlight features a miniature built-in dynamo generator that produces power by repeatedly squeezing the handle. No batteries… ever! It produces up to 4 to 6 times more light than standard Asian dynamo lights, plus these units are made much better.

While testing these lights, we really liked 2 features, the ability to adjust the light beam from spot-wide angle and its locking sqeeze grip handle which makes for more compact storage. A must for every vehicle glovebox, boat, emergency kit, backpack, etc. Replaceable bulb. Made in Russia.

PLEASE NOTE: Flashlight color is currently Black, not red as shown.

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