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Aladdin Replacement Wick


Aladdin Lox-on Chimney

Aladdin Replacement Mantle

SKU: 6352

Quick Overview

Replacement Mantle

MSRP: 13.9900

Regular Price: $12.99

Special Price $11.99


1 replacement mantle for all of the Aladdin Lamps that Nitro-Pak carries.

  • Fits models 12, A, B, C, 21, 21C, 23 and MaxBrite 500 with no adaptor needed
  • New and improved mantle
  • Genuine Aladdin mantle
  • The brightness is equal to a 40 W bulb or 40 candlepower or 6 #2 flat-wick lamps

Additional Information

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Nutrition Facts

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Amount Per Serving Calories Calories from Fat
% Daily Value Total Fat g 0% Saturated Fat g 0% Trans Fat g Cholesterol mg 0% Sodium mg 0% Total Carbohydrate g 0% Dietary Fiber g 0% Sugars g Protein g
Vitamin A % Vitamin C % Calcium % Iron % Potassium %