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Dietz Little Wizard Replacement Wick (5/8" x 3')


Aladdin Lamp Oil (1 qt.)

Aladdin Lamp Oil (32 oz) - 12 Pak

SKU: 6375-12

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Aladdin Lamp Oil (32 oz) - 12 Pak


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This is a product from Aladdin, but it works perfectly for a variety of different lanterns including the Dietz Hurricane and Petromax Multi-Fuel Lanterns. This new formula is clean burning and has no Kerosene odor. (Not totally oderless as it gives of a slight oil smell when burned). This is the best alternative to K-1 Kerosene for heating and lighting.

The case includes 12 - 32 ounce bottles of lamp oil.

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Nutrition Facts

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% Daily Value Total Fat g 0% Saturated Fat g 0% Trans Fat g Cholesterol mg 0% Sodium mg 0% Total Carbohydrate g 0% Dietary Fiber g 0% Sugars g Protein g
Vitamin A % Vitamin C % Calcium % Iron % Potassium %