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Crime Halter 15% Pepper Spray / Stream / Keyring

Item #4819
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The Nitro-Pak
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EXCEEDS Police-Grade Pepper Sprays!

Due to state restrictions, we cannot ship to MA, MI, NY, HI, DC or WI

This is the perfect sized keyring/belt clip pepper spray to carry with you. Unlike the typical leather keychain holder, this one uses a hard plastic casing. This keeps the pepper spray from turning around in the case making it difficult to know which way you need to point the sprayer in a panic situation. Easily concealed in a purse, jacket or pants.

You also get a built-in clip which keeps the pepper spray by your side when you most need it. Packed with 15% 2 million Scoville Heat Units (For those of you who know pepper spray, thats as hot as it gets!) of OC pepper. OC is the fastest acting & most effective compound for personal protection - far superior to Mace or CN/CS tear gas.

The POLICE identifying UV dye in the spray allows for easy identifing of your attacker by police. One spray of this super powerful formula will give you at least 15 to 30 minutes to get away, that being how long the attacker will be incapacitated.


  1. 1/2 ounces
  2. Hard plastic casing
  3. Keyring included
  4. Safety nozzle
  5. Range of up to 12 feet

LIST PRICE: $14.99

Frequently Asked Questions about Pepper Sprays:

  1. What’s a Scoville Heat Unit? What is the difference in Scoville Heat Units?
    SHU refers to the strength of the peppers. 2 million is enough to stop a grizzly bear--cops typically only use 1 million.
  2. What's OC--or Oleoresin Capsicum?
    OC is a chemical agent that irritates the nerve endings near the skin's surface and causes a very painful burning sensation in the eyes nose, mouth, and throat. It has become the chemical agent of choice by nearly all police departments.
  3. What's the difference in percentages?
    It refers to the percentage of Oleoresin Capsicum in the spray. The higher the percentage, the stronger the spray. Police use 5%.
  4. Explain the differences in "spray shape". Which is best?
    • Stream Spray-- Comes out in a "squirt-gun" type stream--a straight line-- and travels about 8-12 feet. The most accurate when used correctly. Very good in windy conditions. Less cross-contamination. No inhalation effects. Best used when aimed at assailant's eyes.
    • Fog Spray-- Comes out in a high volume amount. Typically used in "bear" spray.
    • Cone Spray-- This is considered to be the best all around pattern. Spreads out quickly, travels about 8-10 feet in a mist/cone pattern. A more concentrated pattern than fog. Can stop multiple targets at once. Easily inhaled by assailant.
    • Foam Spray--(we do not offer this style) Typically used by police and prisons to lessen the decontamination factor. Rarely used for personal protection since the people have to be very close to you to be effective. Releases large but highly accurate amounts of OC. Excellent for indoor use. No inhalation effects.
      For personal protection, our recommendation is a STREAM or cone type. The stream type of pepper gas provides pin-point accuracy.
  5. What's the "shelf life" of most pepper sprays?
    Pepper Sprays typically will not have an expiration month--they list an expiration year--typically about 3 to 4 years.

Item Number: 4819

Ship Weight: 0.14 lbs.

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