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Survival Shelters & Supplies

Survival Shelters & Supplies

It’s always important to be ready for an emergency situation, but sometimes you just want to have a good time exploring nature and enjoying the great outdoors. Camping, backpacking, and hunting are all fun activities, but you still need the right gear to ensure you’re ready for whatever Mother Nature will throw at you. At Nitro-Pak, we have recognized the overlap between the outdoor and survival industries, and as a result carry a variety of shelter supplies that work for in both settings. The best part about browsing our emergency shelter supplies is that you can always rely on our equipment to help keep you alive in a survival scenario. Be prepared for the elements with these simple, lightweight, and effective emergency shelter supplies.

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  1. Emergency Plastic Poncho

    SKU: 5302

    Poncho Emergency Plastic

    MSRP: 1.2000

  2. Emergency Poncho w/ Drawstring

    SKU: 5080

    Emergency Poncho

    MSRP: 2.5900

  3. Travel Blanket

    Travel Blanket

    SKU: 5003

    Travel Blanket - perfect for on the go.

    MSRP: 10.0000

    Regular Price: $7.99

    Special Price $1.99

  4. Thermal Emergency Blanket - Silver

    SKU: 5212

    One of the Best Emergency Blankets we've tested and one of the few made in the USA. Emergency Blankets are often called by various names: space blankets, survival blankets, thermal blankets, mylar blankets, etc. The original astronaut SPACE® brand blankets are still our #1 pick as the BEST, but for the price, these come in a close second place for quality and function.

    MSRP: 2.9900

  5. Emergency SPACE Blanket - NASA Edition - Gold/Silver

    SKU: 5210/ASTRO

    The Original SPACE® Blanket with a gold-tone on one side and silver on the other side.

    MSRP: 4.9900

  6. Emergency Blanket, Yellow Rescue

    SKU: 5205

    These highly visible yellow blankets are widely used by Police, Fire depts, and Paramedics at emergency scenes worldwide. Made of waterproof heavy poly with dual-layered matted insulation.

    MSRP: 4.5000

  7. MIlitary Emergency Poncho

    MIlitary Emergency Poncho

    SKU: 5305


    MSRP: 5.9900

    Regular Price: $3.99

    Special Price $2.99

  8. Emergency SPACE Blanket - Gold/Silver

    SKU: 5210/G

    Space Blanket: Same as the Original SPACE® Blanket except one side is gold-tone and the other is silver in color. The gold side shows up better when used against snow and water backgrounds. Ideal choice for snowmobilers and boaters.Provides personal protection from the elements with a unique combination of aluminum metal vapor and American made polyester film to form a "perfect barrier" that can prevent the effects of hypothermia. Reflects AND Retains up to 80% of your body's radiant heat.

    MSRP: 4.9900

  9. Emergency SPACE Blanket / OD Green

    SKU: 5310

    New Space Brand Blanket in OD Grenn

    MSRP: 4.9900

  10. Heavy Duty Mylar Emergency Blanket

    SKU: 5078

    Emergency Blanket / Orange

    MSRP: 5.9900

  11. Unisex Poncho / Medium Weight

    SKU: 5304

    Unisex PonchoHooded Poncho 55" X 80" One Size Fits all Reusable Folds Compactly Perfect for Travel. Office, or Car

    MSRP: 4.9900

  12. AMK SOL Emergency Blanket

    SKU: 5214

    The SOL™ Emergency Blanket reflects 90% of body heat and fits one person - plus, it won't shred like traditional emergency blankets.

    MSRP: 5.0000

  13. 550 Paracord - High Strength Utility Cord 50 Feet

    SKU: 5023

    550 Paracord - High Strength Utility Cord

    MSRP: 5.9900

  14. SOL Survival Blanket / 1 -2 Person

    SKU: 5065

    A true ultralight multifunction backcountry tool that can also be used as a ground cloth, gear cover, first aid blanket, and more.

    MSRP: 7.0000

  15. Survival Sleeping Bag

    SKU: 5092

    Our Survival Sleeping Bag is an essential outdoor accessory. Can be used as an improvised sleeping bag, sleapping bag cover, solar still or as a signalling device.

    MSRP: 7.9900

  16. Emergency Survival Thermal Poncho

    SKU: 1390

    Survival Poncho

    MSRP: 7.9900

  17. Tube Tent - Deluxe 8' Emergency Shelter

    SKU: 5150

    Tube tents make an "A" frame 8' long x 3' high waterproof tent or shelter. Fits 1 person plus gear or 2 medium sized adults (snugly). Our tube tent is ideal for emergency or survival shelter. A low cost lightweight alternative for Scouts overnight trips and family backpacking. Can also be used as a waterproof ground cloth, tarp, or signaling devise in an emergency.

    MSRP: 8.0000

  18. Deluxe Tear Resistant Heat Reflective Sleeping Bivy

    Deluxe Tear Resistant Heat Reflective Sleeping Bivy

    SKU: 5079


    MSRP: 11.9900

    Regular Price: $8.99

    Special Price $6.99

  19. Space Reflective Sleeping Bag

    SKU: 5090

    The super compact and lightweight SPACE ® Brand EMERGENCY BAG is manufactured from the same high quality polyester film as the EMERGENCY BLANKET, but it has been specially fabricated to form a bag to provide full body coverage when one is at rest. The emergency sleeping bag concept can be used inside a sleeping bag, over a sleeping bag, or by itself in an emergency situation.

    MSRP: 12.9900

  20. Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner

    Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner

    SKU: 1511

    Zippers on three sides; Open size 75" x 66"; Zipped size 75" x 33"; +12.1 F thermal protection

    MSRP: 19.9500

    Regular Price: $12.99

    Special Price $9.99

  21. Wool Disaster Blanket

    SKU: 5025

    The Wool Emergency Blanket is a cost effective necessity for disaster response and emergency preparedness.The warm wool / synthetic blend can make the difference in providing care for those affected in a crisis situation.

    MSRP: 15.9500

  22. SPACE All Weather Blanket

    SKU: 5095

    The ALL WEATHER BLANKET is a four ply laminate of clear polyethylene film, a precise vacuum deposition of pure aluminum, a special reinforcing fabric and a layer of colored polyethylene film. This new ASTROLAR® reinforcing fabric provides up to 50% more tear and puncture resistance than our previous product.

    MSRP: 17.9900

  23. AMK SOL Emergency Bivvy

    SKU: 5091

    The ultralight, ultra-warm full protection shelter!

    MSRP: 17.0000

  24. Wool Blanket / 50% - Medium Weight

    SKU: 5005

    Wool Blanket / 50% - Medium Weight


  25. SPACE All-Weather Blanket and Poncho

    SKU: 5097

    SPACE ® Brand ALL WEATHER BLANKET and PONCHO is a by-product of the super insulating materials originally developed for NASA. This blanket will reflect and help retain over 80% of radiated body heat, providing warmth and protection, even in sub zero temperatures.

    MSRP: 19.9900

  26. Deluxe Insulated Tube Tent

    SKU: 5155

    Outdoor Tube Tent

    MSRP: 21.9500

  27. Silver Tarp / Medium Duty Grade

    SKU: 4212

    Silver Tarp / Medium Duty Grade

    MSRP: 24.9900

  28. AMK SOL 2-Person Emergency Bivvy

    SKU: 5064

    AMK SOL™ 2-Person Emergency BIVVY

    MSRP: 23.0000

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Items 1 to 30 of 38 total