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Solar 5 Gallon Shower - 100 degrees

Item #6550
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Solar Shower-- Harness the POWER of the Sun!

Not all Solar Showers are Made Equal! We know. We've tested many brands and compared them head to head. Why did we choose to offer this Deluxe Solar Shower? The biggest difference we found was the handle at the top of the solar shower. Now I know this sounds like not a big thing, but it does make a BIG difference. Especially if it will be used over and over again.

You see, most Solar Showers use a only a small 4-5" reinforced (hard) plastic tube in the center of the Solar Shower. These are used primarily by other companies because they can stuff the shower into a much smaller box for shipping.

Our shower in comparision, has a reinforced tube going across the entire top of the shower. What we found in testing was that the other cheapie brands of solar showers when filled with water did not perform as well. When hung in the hot sun to 'solar heat', theirs sagged significantly because of the weight of the water (about 32-40 lbs) to the point of tearing off of the handle (not good).

Our Solar Shower will produce hot water for a refreshing shower using only the sun, and of course water! Whether used for camping trips, or for emergencies, having a hot shower is a real morale booster!

Our 5 gallon Solar Shower will heat 70 degree water to approximately 100 degrees in about 3 hours of direct sunlight. Conserves precious water and fuel reserves, especially critical in emergencies if a part of your emergency preparedness gear.

Made of heavy guage black vinyl. The shower head features a handy on/off switch to help conserve water when in use.

Item Number: 6550

Ship Weight: 1.06 lbs.

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