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Oxygen Absorbers (50 Pak)

Item #2804

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Quick Overview

These new absorber packets will remove up to 99.8% of the residual oxygen from sealed containers, leaving an optimal nitrogen atmosphere.

50 Oxygen Absorber Packets

These amazing over sized oxygen absorber packets have totally revolutionized the storage food industry. It used to be that home storage dry pack canning was nearly impossible to do without expensive vacuum packing machines and welder-size bottles of nitrogen to flush the oxygen out. Not anymore!

These new U.S. Military-spec packets will remove up to 99.8% of the residual oxygen from sealed containers, leaving an optimal nitrogen atmosphere. With the oxygen removed, storage foods keep their freshness and nutritional value much, much longer. 

Please Note: We recommend all absorber packets be used within 20 - 30 minutes after opening the package for maximum residual oxygen absorption. So as not to have to discard any absorber packets that will not be used within approximately 30 minutes, they can be heat sealed back into their own bag or vacuum sealed in a heat sealed bag (ziplock bags won't cut it).

Each of our bags contain 50 – 500cc Oxygen Absorber Packets. Each packet measures approximately 2.25" x 3" x 1/8".

Here's A Quickie Lesson On Oxygen Absorbers–
Over the last 15 years, the advent of oxygen absorbers has brought a revolution to the entire food storage industry. Their use has increased the storage life of foods and has made the job of putting away food for long term storage much simpler.

Most Oxygen Absorbers will last about one year after your receive them. This is important for you to know so that you do not buy a bunch of oxygen absorbers, pack them away for several years, and expect them to do their thing when you finally open them. 

So How Do Oxygen Absorbers Work?
Oxygen absorbers perform their action through a chemical reaction process. They contain iron powder and salt which reacts with the oxygen in the air causing the iron powder to rust. When all the iron powder has oxidized, the oxygen absorbers are "loaded" and the absorbing action stops. Remove the oxygen from an active absorber and the chemical reaction stops (such as resealing in an air tight bag).

Put them back in the air and the reaction starts again until the iron is gone. Each bag of oxygen absorbers contains a light pink capsule. This capsule turns to a light blue color when the bag is opened. It's there to tell you if an unopened bag has been compromised. It doesn't automatically mean that all the oxygen absorbers inside are bad as it will change color soon after the bag is opened.

How Many Oxygen Absorbers Will I Need?
The number of oxygen absorbers required varies by: 1) the "cc" size of the Oxygen Absorber packet you are using, 2) the volume of the container, 3) the altitude of where you are and, 4) the density of food item you canning. Since we offer the 500cc absorbers packets (the best size we have found for covering most dry food canning projects) we will use this size for our examples.

The 500cc size oxygen absorber will absorb 500+ cc of residual oxygen in a sealed container. A restaurant size #10 can (5/6th of a gallon in size) holds about 13 cups, or very roughly 3300cc of air. The Air you and I breathe everyday is approximately 21% oxygen (the residual is about 75% nitrogen which has long been the preferred neutral atmosphere for long term storage (thus 'nitro-packed') and a few lesser known gasses like argon).

So that empty 3300cc #10 can has about 683cc of oxygen in it. If you take a full cup of beans it takes about 0.375 cups of water to bring the water level up to the top of the cup. This to be true with most whole seeds including wheat and rice. This figure is important because it also tells you how much air is in the can when it is full of these foods - 37.5%.

With a #10 can full of beans, wheat, etc., you now have about 256cc of oxygen left in the can. If you are canning a powder you probably have less air than this but foods like macaroni would have more.

By doing the math, you can see that one 500cc absorber easily do the job, in fact is a bit of overkill but it is better to err on the side of safety to ensure all the residual oxygen in the container is removed. In addition, there is an extra margin of safety built into each absorber.They are actually designed to absorb more than twice as much oxygen as what they are rated for.

How Many Oxygen Absorbers Do I Need for A 6 Gallon Plastic Bucket?
A 6 gal bucket holds 22,740cc of air. Going through the above calculations, a full 6 gallon bucket of grain or beans has about 1791cc oxygen left inside the container at sea level. You will need 3-4 of oxygen absorbers if you are packing your food at sea level to about 4,000' elevation, and just 2-3 for 4,000' to 7,000' elevations.

Our packing facility is at 6,000 feet so there is only an equivalent of 1484 cc of oxygen in the thinner air. Again, because our oxygen absorber's are significantly over rated for their absorbing capacity, we only use two 500cc absorbers in our food buckets as they will absorb more than twice their rated capacity. It is NOT HARMFUL if you use more than what is required.

Are Oxygen Absorbers Harmful to Eat?
No. They are non-toxic but we do not recommend eating them. When you open your container, simple find the packet inside and discard. We recommend marking the outside of your container with a sticker noting the use of oxygen absorber(s) inside and to "discard after opening" so as to not confuse someone later thinking the oxygen absorber might be some type of "seasoning" packet (no joke).

Item Number:2804

Ship Weight:1.13 lbs.

Customer Reviews

  1. Joey Jingles Review by Psalm91


    These are great oxy absorbers. I reordering another supply of 300 today. I saw that in your tests you placed your absorbers in mason jars on top of grain. I'm surprised you have not thought if this yourself yet, but anyway, you can just plac all of your opened packets inside of a mason jar to store them until you're ready to use them again.

    Anyhow, buy the absorbers here, they're a great product and nitro Pam is a great company to deal with. (Posted on 5/5/2013)

  2. Excellent product for removal of excess oxygen Review by Joey Jingles

    I bought these oxygen absorbers and placed some in mylar bags in 6 gallon buckets with stored foods and tested a few others in an experiment. The experiment consisted of placing various items in canning jars and an oxygen absorbers placed inside before sealing. In short order the oxygen absorbers did their job as evidenced by the sucking inward of the lids proving a vacuum seal. Larger 6 gallon bucket bags also have the vacuum packed look. The only problem is using the entire package in the timeframe suggested and I have yet to afford it. I would like to see these packed by the dozen so three or four buckets at a time could be sealed without waste of remaining packets. Thus 4 of 5 stars. (Posted on 7/20/2011)

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