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There’s Never Been a Better Time to Get Prepared!
SAVE 20% OFF Sitewide, even on reduced SALE Prices!!

20% OFF


May is Emergency Preparedness Month here at Nitro-Pak and we’re pulling out all the stops to help you and your family get better prepared! You have been thinking about it, now it’s time to TAKE ACTION! It’s time to dust off your old plans, replace old food & supplies and review where you stand…NOW!

With terrorism, political unrest, rumors of war and world tensions with N. Korea, Syria, Iran and Russia at extremely high levels, there has never been a better time to BE PREPARED. Now is the time to seriously look at your preparedness plans, emergency food storage reserves, 72 hour bug-out kits and water storage reserves. This is your survival insurance plan!

Being PREPAPARED is just that, being prepared and READY BEFORE crisis strikes! When you hear the ‘BREAKING NEWS ALERT’ on radio, TV or on the net, the time to prepare is OVER; sort of like trying to buy fire insurance when the house is on fire! You MUST be ready a day, month or years too early rather than just one minute too late!! All of us have insurance on our homes, cars, health and even our lives, but your emergency survival food is the ONLY INSURANCE POLICY you can actually eat. It’s time to get better prepared and “DO IT NOW”!

At Nitro-Pak, we are serious about helping you get better prepared and have done so for 32 years! To help during Nitro-Pak’s May Emergency Preparedness Month, were kicking of things off in a BIG WAY! STARTING right now and ending Sunday, we are doing something we have NEVER DONE before by offering 20% OFF our ENTIRE WEBSITE when using PROMO CODE: “PREPARE20”. Get 20% OFF ALL regular AND already reduced SALE PRICES on EVERYTHING! It’s our largest SITEWIDE SALES EVENT in our history. Tell all your family and friends about this HUGE SALE so they save a bundle, too!

As always, Have Plan, Be READY and Be Prepared!!

Harry R Weyandt
President, Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center Inc.

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