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Free water filter


Get a FREE 200 Gallon Storage Water Package...FREE! ($650 value)

 WOW! We have SOLD more Platinum Reserves and Ultimate-Pak food reserve packages than we have seen in months!  To say ‘Thank You’ to all our VIP customers for buying from Nitro-Pak, we are offering an unprecedented offer to give EVERY customer who buys one of these food reserves plus also one of our Signature Elite and Quik & EZ All-Inclusive Food Reserve family packages, one of our #1 selling Family Water Storage Packages for FREE. That’s a $650 value!

Not only that, but we will also include an additional BONUS-PAK and FREE SHIPPING worth up to a total value of $1800, FREE. Never before have we offered such a great deal of these packages...EVER!

This is a very limited offer. No dealers sales. Exclusively for our VIP Customers ONLY!


Only 23 Food Reserve Units Available for this AWESOME DEAL!

Hurry, Order NOW!

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  1. Ultimate-Pak 12 Month Food Reserve

    SKU: 1701

    MSRP: $5,431.95

  2. Platinum 12 Month Food Supply

    SKU: 1801

    MSRP: $4,304.65

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4 Item(s)