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Survival Kit In A 'Sardine' Can

Item #9850
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We've searched high and low for a super compact and lightweight pocket sized survival kit. Our Survival Kit in a Can offers more survival items than other similiar kits out there. Over 38 essential items which can provide warmth, shelter, and energy in like threatening situations from the desert to snow topped mountains. With a little training and common sense, this Survival Kit can save your life, a family loved one… or both!

We highly recommend every outdoor adventurer and scout carry one of these kits with them. Think of it as your 'survival insurance policy'. The Outdoor Survival Kit in a Can is ideal for hikers, backpackers, canoers, boaters, snowmobilers, cross country skiiers, search & rescue teams, fisherman, campers, etc. Waterproof, airtight "sardine can" protects all the supplies until opened.

No can opener needed. Supplies are packed in a easy-to-open pop-top pull ring 'sardine can'. You'll find dozens of the items you'll need to help you face the elements when caught in a survival situation. All the survival necessities are at your finger tips. Items include food, medical, and survival products as well as an information booklet on how to use the items.

Incredibly, this can holds 38 essentail survival items including survival instructions, duct tape, paper, a mirror, twist ties, a pencil, bandaids, alcohol prep pads, sugar, a whistle, thread, wire, safety pins, a razor blade, matches, a fire starter and more (see complete list below) yet weighs only 4 ounces! Be safe… always be prepared for the unexpected.

Ranger Survival Kit Features:

  • Weighs only 4 ounces!
  • Super Compact – Just 3" x 4.25" x 1"
  • Leave in a backpack, glove compartment or cabin
  • Pop-up ring makes it easy to open
  • Compact and water tight container

Items Included and Some of Their Uses:

  1. Liquid Filled Compass (1): colored needle points to north
  2. Duct Tape (12"): multiple uses including expedient sutureless wound closure, clothing repair, small watercraft hole repair, clothing, tent repair, etc., etc. 
  3. Nylon Multi-Use Cord (9'8"): multiple uses, shelter binding, snare 
  4. Signal Whistle (1): snare, audio signal for help, save your voice 
  5. 2" x 2" Signal Mirror (2): signaling device, can pop-top lid acts as a signaling device also 
  6. Waterproof Waxed Matches (4): (strike tipped), fire starting 
  7. Matchbook of Safety Matches (1 book): firestarting, tick extraction, needle sterilization 
  8. Firestarter Cubes (2): helps start camp/signaling fire, lights even after being wet 
  9. Bouillon Soup Packet (1): hot soup nurishment 
  10. High Energy Candy (1): quick energy 
  11. Bubble Gum (1): stress relief, small watercraft hole patch, emergency tooth filing 
  12. Tea Bag (1): hot nurishment, stress relief, soothing compress 
  13. Sugar Packet (1): energy drink, add to tea 
  14. Writing Paper (1): rescue notes for recording details & times, diary, firestarter 
  15. Pencil (1): writing notes/information 
  16. Braided Nylon Thread/Fishing Line (100' Spool): multiple uses, emergency suturing, sewing clothing, shelter, tent, as twine, shelter building, fishing, small animal snare, dental floss, etc. 
  17. Fishing Hooks (2): as intended, emergency button/closure
  18. Large Sewing Needle (1): as intended, emergency suturing, splinter removal, spear tip 
  19. Metal Nails (2): shelter building, rescue note holder, raking in leafs into shelter 
  20. Safety Pins (2): button holder, secure clothing, tent, mending, emergency suture
  21. Twist Ties (2): mulitple uses, secure shelter
  22. Razor Blade - Single Sided (1): various uses, as a knife, fire tinder notching, making wood chips, fish cleaning, cutting cord/rope 
  23. Band-Aids - Medium Size (2): use for wounds, as tape
  24. Zip-Lok Sandwich Size Bag (1): keep can supplies dry once opened, as a water canteen 
  25. Survival/First-Aid Instruction Booklet (1): 8 pages of essential survival information including shelter making, selecting a campsite, making gound signals for aerial searchers, first-aid instructions, using the signal mirror, collecting water, and more
  26. Paper Wrappers (1): use as tender for fire starting

Low cost 'insurance' you can't afford to be without. Don't leave home without it!

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