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Group 72 hr. Module

Item #5855
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The Nitro-Pak
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Whether you're a business owner, pastor, civic leader or emergency specialist, we've developed our new group modules with you in mind--to make your job easier.

Some employees, because of their positions, are required to remain on-duty when crisis situations occur (police, fire-fighters, etc.). Sometimes evacuations are not possible. Key people may be required to stay for security reasons.

Each module comes packed in a secure, airtight & waterproof plastic container to protect your supplies from moisture and decay. Very stackable for organized and compact storing. Each module will supply 5 persons for up to 3 days. All survival essentials are included like food, water, first-aid, warmth, light, radio, and sanitation.

Now you have no excuse! Protect your employees…order today!

Included Items:

  • 5 - Lemon/Vanilla 3600k Emergency Food Ration Bars
  • 60 - 4.2 ounce Purified Water Pouches (4 per person per day)
  • 5 - Emergency Space® Blankets
  • 1 - 30 Item Deluxe First Aid Kit
  • 1 - AM/FM Sport All Weather Radio with Batteries
  • 1 - Flashlight with Batteries
  • 1 - Emergency Rescue Whistle
  • 3 - 12 hour Light Sticks
  • 1 - Toilet Tissue Roll
  • 2 - Sanitation Liners

All items are packed into a 6 Gallon Pail that converts into a toilet Photo for general kit illustration only.

Item Number: 5855

Ship Weight: 35.00 lbs.

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