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72 Hour Tote-N'-Go Kit


Signature Elite APEX LEVEL-ONE 72 Hour Survival Bug-Out Kit

Signature Elite APEX™ LEVEL-TWO 72 Hour Survival Bug-Out Kit

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MSRP: $710.00

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Signature Elite APEX™ LEVEL-TWO 72 Hour Survival Bug-Out Kit

Be Ready – Be Prepared!

At Nitro-Pak®, we have been manufacturing award winning emergency and survival packs for over thirty years. We’ve learned a lot over that time. Not resting on our past laurels, we are excited to offer our customers a brand new series of top-flight elite 72 hour survival bug-out kits – the Signature Elite APEX™ Series. These are the elite of all survival and bug-out kits sold in America today.

Our APEX™ LEVEL-TWO survival kit is one of the finest survival kits we have ever assembled. The APEX LEVEL-TWO is similar to our top-of-the-line APEX™ LEVEL-ONE kit with just a few cost conscience modifications. It includes everything you need to be protected from the elements and to keep you safe in any emergency or disaster. Like our LEVEL-ONE kit, our team of preparedness experts began with a clean sheet of paper and set out to design and build the finest and most comprehensive kit series available and one that would meet just about any real-life survival situation. EVERY component in this kit was evaluated for QUALITY, functionality, reliability, compactness and value.


    • 18 WATT SOLAR PANEL. Recharges up to Two Devices at Once!

    • Aquamira® Sports Water Bottle Filter

    • Kaito® KA350 Solar & Hand Crank AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio

    • Mountain House® Freeze-Dried Food with 12 Year Shelf Life

    • Everest® Internal Frame Backpack

    • Voodoo Tactical® Multiplier Tool

    • Deluxe First-Aid Kit

    • Micropur® Water Purification Tablets

    • 5 Watt LED Flashlight & Bright LED Lantern

Each APEX LEVEL-TWO 72 Hour Survival pack is hand assembled and ready for use. Only tried and proven high quality components were selected. A top priority in developing this kit, considering its vast array of survival components, was to make it as light as possible, under 35 lbs. With nearly six months of design, review and testing hundreds of possible components, we believe we have achieved the ultimate bug-out pack at an incredible value.

Look closely and you will quickly see what makes this kit standout among others kits. The backbone of any kit is the bag it is carried in. We tested dozens of packs and selected the Everest® internal frame backpack for its comfort, design and construction. This pack offers a multitude of convenient storage compartments for easy access to all your survival gear.

One of the BIGGEST additions to this kit, not found elsewhere, is a 18 WATT FOLDING SOLAR PANEL to recharge up to two of your personal USB electronic devices at the same time like cell phones, tablets, etc., when there is no power, by using only the sun. It is an APEX™ Survival Kit EXCLUSIVE!

Not stopping there, we have included many high-quality brand components you know and trust like Aquamira®, Datrex®, Kaito®, Millennium®, Voodoo Tactical®, Mil-Spec®, Micropur®, Snaplight®, Germ-X®, Coghlan’s®, FirstCare®, Purell®, UST®, YakTrax® and Mountain House® just to name a few.

Another key component included with this pack is our popular Kaito® KA350 AM/FM Solar Hand-Crank Radio with NOAA Weather Band for receiving vital updates when crisis strikes. It also features a power-out USB cord for charging electronic devices. This kit also features an insulated one-person reflective tent with sewn-in floor and storm doors to keep you dry and warm in wet or cold weather.

Each pack includes multiple internal re-sealable modules that includes freeze-dried meals, high energy food bars and snacks, drinking water & filtration gear, comprehension first-aid supplies, stove & cooking module, protection & CIVIL UNREST survival gear, pandemic kit, signaling pack, lighting & warmth gear, personal hygiene & sanitation supplies and much, much more. Check out the “What’s Included” tab above to see the complete list. Be sure to also check our APEX™ LEVEL-ONE kit. It offers a whole host of additional upgrades that makes it our ultimate 72 hour kit.

Whether it is a natural disaster, i.e., earthquake, hurricane, fast moving wildfire, rising flood waters or civil unrest, the APEX LEVEL-TWO will enable you to be ready and prepared anytime. Made in the USA.

Weight  31 Pounds

Pack Capacity  3170 Cubic Inches

Dimensions  28 x 12.5 x 8.5

Be Ready. Be Prepared. Order yours NOW!


For 30 years, Nitro-Pak has been building and manufacturing some of the finest emergency survival packs sold in America. In fact, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL® even rated one of our kits as the “Best Overall Value” 72 Hour Kit sold in America compared to others that they evaluated. Our kits have been tried and tested in real world emergencies and disasters. We are often copied, but never equaled. Now we’ve put all our expertise together in building our latest line of elite survival kits.

All of our APEX™ Survival Kits are not your regular survival kit - far from it. Each kit goes well beyond the basics. They are met to offer our clients the ultimate in preparedness using supplies and gear rarely offered by anyone.

Two different models are available to meet a variety of budgets; our top-of-the-line APEX™ LEVEL-ONE or LEVEL-TWO kits. Select the pack just right for you and your budget.

Additional Information

Weight 42.0000
Product Supply Type Survival Kit
MSRP $710.00

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size
Servings Per Container

Amount Per Serving Calories Calories from Fat
% Daily Value Total Fat g 0% Saturated Fat g 0% Trans Fat g Cholesterol mg 0% Sodium mg 0% Total Carbohydrate g 0% Dietary Fiber g 0% Sugars g Protein g
Vitamin A % Vitamin C % Calcium % Iron % Potassium %

What’s Included:

SURVIVAL FOODS (Provides approximately 2500 calories per day)

1 – Mountain House® 12yr SL Freeze-Dried Food Module (6 servings)
3 – Millennium® Fruit Flavored 400k Energy Bars - 5yr Shelf-life
1 – Datrex® 3600k Emergency Food Bars - 5yr Shelf-life
1 – Claeys® High Energy Candy 6 oz. bag
3 – Emergen-C® Energy Drink Packets
3 – Celestial® Herbal Tea Bags


1 – ‘Tommy’ Folding Stove w/24 Fuel Tabs
1 – Mil-Spec® Stainless-Steel 16 oz. Cup
1 – Polycarbonate Spoon
1 – Extra Long Food Spoon


15 – Datrex® Lifeboat Purified Water Pouches 4.2oz – 5yr Shelf-Life
1 – Aquamira® Water Filter Sports Bottle
1 – Micropur® Water Purification Tabs 10 pack
1 – Pre-Filter for Water Filter
1 – 5 Liter Collapsible Water Carrier


1 – HD Insulated/Reflective 1 Person Tent
1 – Tear-Resistant Emergency Orange/Silver Sleeping Bag
1 – Tear-Resistant Emergency Blanket Orange/Silver
1 – Lightweight Travel Blanket
3 – Yaktrax® Emergency 8hr Hand Warmers Pairs
3 – Yaktrax® Emergency 18hr Body Warmer


1 – U.S. Military Oversized Emergency Poncho


1 – Kaito® KA350 Solar AM/FM/NOAA WEATHER
1 -- 5-Way Powered Solar/Crank Radio with LED
1 – 18 WATT Folding Dual Device USB Solar Panel
4 – Premium 10 Yr. Shelf-Life Alkaline Batteries
1 – NATO Lifeboat Rescue Whistle
1 – Plexiglas Signaling Mirror
1 ­– Notepad
1 – Wood Pencil
1 – Ball Point Ink Pen


1 – 5 Watt Black Aluminum LED Flashlight
1 – Ultra-Bright LED Compact Lantern
7 – Premium 10 Yr. Shelf-Life Alkaline Batteries
3 – Snaplight® 12 Hour Instant Light Sticks
1 – 36 Hour Tri-Wick Emergency Candle


1 – Coghlan’s® Waterproof Matches - Box 40 Matches
1 – NATO Wind/Waterproof Storm Matches
1 – Butane Lighter


1 – Deluxe 60 item Kit
1 – FirstCare® Israeli Military 6" Trauma Wound Bandage
6 – Germ-X® Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer Towelettes
1 – Nitrile Exam Gloves – Pair
1 – Wound Closure Strips – 10 strips
2 – Skin-Tac® Wipes (for use with wound closures strips)
1 – Banana Boat® Sun Screen Protection 1 oz
4 – Natapel® Insect Repellant Wipes
1 – Lip Balm


9 – Wet-Wipe Towelettes
3 – Coghlan’s® Compact Toilet Tissue Rolls
3 – Pocket Soft Facial Tissues Packs
3 – Sanitation Maxi Napkins/Wound Bandages
1 – Personal Toothbrush
1 – Colegate® Toothpaste
1 – Plastic Hair Comb
1 – Shaving Razor
1 – Waterproof Pill Keychain
2 – Infectious Waste Red Bags
1 – Plastic Kitchen Trash Bag
1 – 33 Gallon Trash/Gear Drawstring
1 – Coghlans® Concentrated Super Soap
3 – Disposable Wash Cloth Disks
1 – Microfiber Towel
1 – Wag-Bag® Waste Kit, Chemical & Tissue
1 – Purell® Hand Sanitizer 4 oz.


2 – N95 NIOSH Particulate Masks
4 – Hospital Infection Control Masks
1 – Teargas Eye Protection Goggles
2 – Sudecon® Teargas Decontamination Wipes
1 – Power Punch Self-Defense Key Ring
1 – NIOSH Protective Eye Safety Glasses


1 – Voodoo Tactical® Multiplier Tool w/Sheath
1 – UST® Fixed Paraknife 3.0 with Sheath
1 – UST® Black Trowel Digging Tool
1 – Mil-Spec® 50' Military Grade 550 Para-Cord
1 – Liquid Filled 1.5” Compass with Lanyard
1 – HD Leather Double Palm Work Gloves
3 – Plastic Utility Zip Ties
1 – U.S. Military P-51 Can Opener
1 – 9" x 12" Plastic zip bag keep important documents,
spare cash and keys dry and clean.
1 – Deck of Playing Cards
1 – 100 MPH Duct Tape - 10 Yard Roll
1 – Spool of Trip Wire
1 – NIOSH Hearing Protector Ear Plugs
1 – Single Sided Stainless-Steel Razor Blade


Everest® Internal Frame Backpack

*** Please note: Should any item become unavailable, we will substitute

the item with a similar product of equal or greater value.