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Urban Survival-Pak Level 2

Item #5810
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 Urban Survival-Pak™ ­Level II

 One SERIOUS KIT -- Zombies Don’t Have a Chance!

 Introducing the next level in tactical survival, evasion, and escape gear in one compact and lightweight unit. Designed to get you safely home to your loved ones and contains the essential gear you’ll need for 2 – 5 days. With over 12 months of R&D and testing into this kit, don’t confuse this for a standard “72 hour or Bugout Kit.” Far from it! This kit was designed to make the difference between life and death when all heck breaks loose, Zombie Apocalypse or not! A serious made kit for serious situations! Intended to give you the TACTICAL ADVANTAGE you need to get safely back home!

EVERY single item contained in this kit has been selected for a specific purpose to give you the “tools” you’ll need to stay safe & survive. We have worked hard to keep this kit light in weight knowing you may have to hike many miles with it to get back to your safe spot.

Like all products in our Signature Elite Series, NITRO-PAK’s exclusive USP Level II kit is made up of the finest PROVEN brand name survival gear around. No junk and no fluff filler stuff here like you’ll find in most survival & zombie kits on the market.

 Quik-Look Features:

  • 147 Essential Survival Items
  • Gerber® Suspension Multi-Tool
  • Police Grade Pepper Gas or Tactical Knife
  • Aquamira® Water Filter Bottle (Treats to 100 gallons)
  • Covert Survival, Evasion & Escape Gear
  • Coby® AM/FM Radio w/ Ear Buds

 Developed by survival experts with military & security hands-on experience. Its sole purpose is to get you from where you are when stuff HTF back to your “safe spot” or home as safely as possible.  We looked at various survival situations you may face in the event of a major disaster, civil unrest, riot, or other societal breakdown.

The USP Level II comes complete with self-protection devices, provisions, water filter, tools, first-aid and communication gear to get you through many survival situations.

 The Mil-Spec backpack is fully adjustable to provide a comfortable fit for almost any size person. The bag features multiple compartments that allows for easy storing of all gear. Over 147 must have survival items are included in this compact kit. This kit is complete, nothing to add except personal items if you desire.

Here’s what you’ll get in your USP Level II: 


Ballistic Nylon Mil-Spec Tactical Backpack with fully adjustable padded shoulder straps.  Multiple compartments designed to keep all you gear protected and organized.  Removable hook & loop USP Logo & American Flag Patch.

GERBER® Suspension Multi-Tool:

No lightweight toy here! The real deal, not a cheap knock-off!  Includes patented Saf.T.Plus locking blade system and ballistic nylon protective sheath.

Multi-Tool Features:

  • Spring-Loaded Needle Nose Pliers
  • Fine Edge Knife Blade
  • Serrated Edge Knife Blade
  • Rough Cut Saw Blade
  • Wire Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Small & Medium Flat Blade Screw Driver
  • Can opener Tool
  • Bottle Opener

 Personal Protection/Defense Gear:

  1. Police 2 Ounce Pepper Spray, Fire-Master Top w/ 15’ Reach

(Maybe substituted with McNett® Samish Tactical Knife in states not allowing Pepper Gas)

  1. Swimmers Goggles (tear gas eye protection)
  2. Three 3M® Brand Flat-Fold N95 Respirators (dust, disease & tear gas protection)
  3. Two Sudecon® Tear Gas Decontamination Wipes
  4. Dead On Tools® Exhumer Multi-Function “Tool” (defense, window breaker, door “opener”)
  5. Tactical Spiked Kubaton Self-Defensive Tool w/ Writing Pen & Pocket Clip
  6. Self-Defense Power-Punch Key Holder “Tool”
  7. Pair Black Nylon Covert Rubberized Gloves
  8. Covert Black 6-way Wearing Balaclava/Cap
  9. Personal Alarm & Door Alarm Attachment w/ 5yr SL (Shelf-Life) 9v Battery
  10. Two Handcuff Keys (standard & covert)*
  11. Six HD Black 16”  Zip-Ties/Handcuffs
  12. Rear Viewing Covert “Sunglasses”
  13. 100’ Trip Wire
  14. Two Single-Side Razor Blades
  15. Soft Foam Ear Plugs (pair)

Water & Food:

1)       McNett® Tactical Aquamira® Water Filter Bottle.

To reduce weight and insure your ability to filter water you find on your trek home, we selected the Aquamira® water bottle filter as an essential part of this kit. It is much more effect than carrying loads of heavy water around or waiting 4 hours for water purification tablets to work. Removes 99.9% of Cryptosporidium and Giardia plus removes bad taste and chlorine. Built-in positive shut-off BiteMe® valve with dust cap. Treats up to 100 gallons of water.

2)       Six Datrex®4.2 ounce 5yr SL Lifeboat Purified Water Pouches

3)       10 Micro-Pur Water Purification Tablets

4)       .5 Liter Water Container

5)       Nine Millennium® 400 Calorie 5yr SL Flavored Emergency Food Bars

6)       Two Rolls Lifesavers® Hard Candy

7)       Three Emergen-C® Drink Mix Packets

8)       Three Herbal Tea Bags

First-Aid Supplies:

1)       U.S. Military Medic Wound Bandage

2)       Six Germ-X® Antibacterial Germ Killing Towelletes

3)       Three Antiseptic Wipes

4)       Two Ibuprofen 200mg

5)       Triple Antibiotic Ointment

6)       Afterbite® Sting Relief Wipe

7)       Two Fabric Knuckle Bandages

8)       Tincture Benzoin Swab

9)       Four Fabric 1” x 3” Adhesive Bandages

10)   Two Safety Pins

11)   Two Butterfly Bandages

12)   Sterile Gauze Dressing 2 x 2

13)   Three Insect Repellent Wipes

14)   Moleskin

15)   Splinter Picker / Tick Remover

16)   Keychain Pill Container

17)   Nitrile Gloves

18)   Wound Closure Strips (10 Pak)

Survival Gear:

1)       Storm® Whistle

2)       Two 6’ Folded Duct Tape

3)       HD Nylon Poncho

4)       SOL® Emergency Blanket

5)       Emergency Sleeping Bag

6)       Dental Floss (multi-uses including trip alarm)

7)       Black Vinyl (electrical) Tape

8)       Map Compass

Light, Heat & Cooking:

1)       Energizer® Headlamp

2)       High Power LED Flashlight

3)       Two 12 Hour Light sticks

4)       Red Flashlight Plastic Film w/ 2 Rubber Bands (for nighttime covert use)

5)       Six 8 Hour Hand Warmers

6)       Scripto® Butane Lighter

7)       Three Tub Candles

8)       SS Cooking/Drinking Cup

9)       Esbit® Star stove

10)   Three Esbit® Fuel Tabs

11)   Storm Matches

12)   Waterproof Matches

13)   P-51 Can Opener


1)       Compact AM/FM Radio w/3 AAA 10 Year SL Batteries

2)       SOL® Signal Mirror

3)       Rite-in-the-Rain® Waterproof Note Pad

4)       Writing Pencil

5)       Sharpie® Marker

6)       Ballpoint Pen

 (Kubaton has a built-in writing pen)


1)       12 Wet Wipe Alcohol Towelletes (good fire starters, too)

2)       Three Rolls Compact Toilet Tissue

3)       Black Trash Bag

4)       Facial Tissue

5)       Super Soap Tube

6)       Toothbrush

7)       Toothpaste

8)       Comb

9)       Shaver

 Miscellaneous Items

1)       Playing Cards 

2)       550 Parachute Cord 50’

3)       Sewing Kit

4)       Plastic Shovel

5)       Carabiner

6)       Sun Screen

7)       Tyvek Envelope (for cash and local map)

8)       Lip Balm

9)       Re-closable Plastic Bag 9 x 12

 *Please Note: Because state and local laws vary around the country, some items in this kit may be restricted in your area. It is the customer’s responsibility to know your locals laws about such possession before ordering. This kit CANNOT be exported to Canada or any other country. Should any item become unavailable we will substitute it with one of equal or greater value or utility. GROUND SHIPPING ONLY. CANNOT BE SHIPPED BY AIR.

Item Number: 5810

Ship Weight: 15.00 lbs.

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