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Survival Kit

Survival Kits

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  1. HQ 72 Hour Emergency Kit

    SKU: 5803


    MSRP: $39.00

  2. Executive 72 hr. Prepper Kit w/ Solar Radio + Water Filter Bottle

    SKU: 5850

    The same Executive 72 Hour Survival Kit but UPGRADED with a Solar Dynamo Flashlight/Radio which replaces the standard radio.

    MSRP: $249.95

  3. Urban Survival-Pak Level 1

    SKU: 5800

    Tactical survival, evasion and escape gear in one compact and lightweight unit. Designed to get you safely home to your loved ones 

    MSRP: $328.00

  4. 72 Hour Tote-N'-Go Kit

    SKU: 5113

    The "Tote-N'-Go" Kit has been a great seller for over 10 years. Perfect for those who are looking for excellent protection in a single person, 72-hour compact kit. Fits easily into any vehicle. This kit, like all our emergency kits, contains practical & useful survival products you will need when a crisis strikes.

    MSRP: $99.99

  5. Survival Kit - 72 Hr. 4 Person Getaway Kit

    SKU: 5301

    For those who insist on the best, this is your kit. Most disasters occur when family members are separated. We've carefully designed this survival/72-hour kit to be lightweight and compact so that you can easily evacuate with it in the event of an emergency.

    MSRP: $570.00

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Items 1 to 10 of 84 total

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Buy Survival Kit

Whether it’s a disaster in your area or an unforeseen circumstance, having a well-equipped survival kit is essential to your well-being. That’s why Nitro Pak is proud to offer a variety of survival kits for all emergency situations, including disaster kits, emergency vehicle kits, 72 hour bug out bags, and more. In addition to our already assembled survival kit, we also offer a variety of survival essentials you can use to add to an existing kit or build your own from scratch. You never know when things will go wrong, and the best defense for the unexpected is being prepared. Whether you’re stranded due to a disaster or have to bug out, these survival kit are always packed and ready to go.

Shop our selection of survival kit below!