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Survival Kits

Survival Kits

Whether it’s a disaster in your area or an unforeseen circumstance, having a well-equipped survival kit is essential to your well-being. That’s why Nitro-Pak is proud to offer a variety of survival kits for all emergency situations, including disaster kits, emergency vehicle kits, 72 hour bug out bags, and more. In addition to our already assembled survival kits, we also offer a variety of survival essentials you can use to add to an existing kit or build your own from scratch. You never know when things will go wrong, and the best defense for the unexpected is being prepared. Whether you’re stranded due to a disaster or have to bug out, these survival kits are always packed and ready to go.

Shop our selection of survival kits below!

Survival Kits

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  1. Compact Biodegradable Toilet Tissue

    SKU: 5426

    Compact Biodegradable Toilet Tissue

    MSRP: 1.2500

  2. Dynamo Hand Powered Flashlight

    Dynamo Hand Powered Flashlight

    SKU: 6072

    Russian Dynamo Flashlight

    MSRP: 9.9500

    Regular Price: $5.99

    Special Price $1.50

  3. RAYOVAC Industrial AA Flashlight

    RAYOVAC Industrial AA Flashlight

    SKU: 6078

    Industrial AA Flashlight

    MSRP: 4.9900

    Regular Price: $4.49

    Special Price $1.60

  4. Plastic Shovel

    SKU: 5307

    Multi-use Plastic Hand Shovel

    MSRP: 1.9900

  5. Pocket Compass with Lanyard

    SKU: 8170


    MSRP: 2.9900

  6. Esbit Star Cooker

    SKU: 7253

    Esbit Star Cooker

    MSRP: 1.9900

  7. NATO Military Style Survival Whistle

    SKU: 5323

    NATO Military Style Survival Whistle

    MSRP: 3.9900

  8. Wilderness Signal Whistle

    SKU: 7735

    Whistle, Wilderness Signal

    MSRP: 2.5000

  9. Safety Whistle - Orange w / Lanyard

    Safety Whistle - Orange w / Lanyard

    SKU: 844

    Safety Whistle

    MSRP: 3.9900

    Regular Price: $2.99

    Special Price $1.99

  10. Emergency Poncho w/ Drawstring

    SKU: 5080

    Emergency Poncho

    MSRP: 2.5900

  11. Deluxe Sewing Kit

    SKU: 5577

    Deluxe Sewing Kit

    MSRP: 3.5000

  12. Fire Starter Sticks (12 Pak)

    SKU: 7118

    All-weather fire starter sticks. Starts campfires, BBQ's, or fireplace fires quickly and safely. Super lightweight which makes them ideal for backpacking! Odorless, non-toxic.

    MSRP: 3.5000

  13. Emergency SPACE Blanket - NASA Edition - Gold/Silver

    SKU: 5210/ASTRO

    The Original SPACE® Blanket with a gold-tone on one side and silver on the other side.

    MSRP: 4.9900

  14. Compressed Disposable Towels - 12 Pak

    SKU: 3145

    Compressed Disposable Towels - 12 Pak

    MSRP: 4.9500

  15. Emergency Blanket, Yellow Rescue

    SKU: 5205

    These highly visible yellow blankets are widely used by Police, Fire depts, and Paramedics at emergency scenes worldwide. Made of waterproof heavy poly with dual-layered matted insulation.

    MSRP: 4.5000

  16. P-51 Military Can Opener - 4-Pack

    SKU: 2061-4

    Military Can Opener - This is the bigger brother of the famous P-38 military can opener made famous back in WWII. It's about twice the size and is much easier to use.

    MSRP: 6.0000

  17. Mini Camp Lantern / 12 LED

    Mini Camp Lantern / 12 LED

    SKU: 6309

    Compact, lightweight LED Camp Lantern

    MSRP: 8.9900

    Regular Price: $6.99

    Special Price $2.99

  18. UST Pico 1.0 Micro Safety Light

    UST Pico 1.0 Micro Safety Light

    SKU: 1400

    UST LED Survival Light

    MSRP: 9.9900

    Regular Price: $7.99

    Special Price $2.99

  19. Fuel for Emergency Cook Stove

    SKU: 9565

    Fuel for Emergency Cook Stove

    MSRP: 4.9900

  20. Emergency SPACE Blanket - Gold/Silver

    SKU: 5210/G

    Space Blanket: Same as the Original SPACE® Blanket except one side is gold-tone and the other is silver in color. The gold side shows up better when used against snow and water backgrounds. Ideal choice for snowmobilers and boaters.Provides personal protection from the elements with a unique combination of aluminum metal vapor and American made polyester film to form a "perfect barrier" that can prevent the effects of hypothermia. Reflects AND Retains up to 80% of your body's radiant heat.

    MSRP: 4.9900

  21. Emergency SPACE Blanket / OD Green

    SKU: 5310

    New Space Brand Blanket in OD Grenn

    MSRP: 4.9900

  22. Sportsman's Concentrated Soap Plus 50

    SKU: 5427

    Sportsman's Concentrated Soap 2 (.71 fl. oz) Biodegradable Soap Tubes in each package Up to 100 washings Mild Coconut Oil Scent

    MSRP: 4.9900

  23. Heavy Duty Mylar Emergency Blanket

    SKU: 5078

    Emergency Blanket / Orange

    MSRP: 5.9900

  24. AMK SOL Emergency Blanket

    SKU: 5214

    The SOL™ Emergency Blanket reflects 90% of body heat and fits one person - plus, it won't shred like traditional emergency blankets.

    MSRP: 5.0000

  25. Flint Striker - Fire Starting Tool

    SKU: 1005

    Flint Striker

    MSRP: 5.4900

  26. Waterproof Matches (10 boxes of 40 matches)

    SKU: 7201

    Our Waterproof Safety Matches are the best we've found. We have carried these matches for over 28 years and they have never let us down. We have tried other so called cheaper brands and they didn't even come close in our field tests. You can depend on these matches to light every time – rain or shine. Special waterproof coating on box & matches.

    MSRP: 5.5000

  27. Zoom Head Lamp - 3 Watt

    Zoom Head Lamp - 3 Watt

    SKU: 6318


    MSRP: 11.9500

    Regular Price: $8.95

    Special Price $4.87

  28. Knife Sharpener / Yellow

    SKU: 4325

    Knife Sharpener / Yellow

    MSRP: 4.9900

  29. Map Compass w/Ruler and Lanyard

    SKU: 8165


    MSRP: 7.9900

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Items 1 to 30 of 89 total