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katadyn water filters

Katadyn Water Filters from Nitro-Pak

  • Most Katadyn filters last a lifetime.
  • Same filtration technology used by the US Military and Special Forces.
  • Light weight for its size and capacity.
  • Good for outdoors, camping, backpacking, traveling, weekend trips,
    general preparedness, light solo use, and more!
“I am very impressed with the overall construction. I beat the snot out of it, and it kept delivering good, clean water.”
J.J. Acker
- Field & Stream Magazine, June 2013.

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Katadyn Water Filters

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Katadyn is a Swiss based company, and a world leader in portable, and personal water treatment options, with its focus on the outdoor market and marine use.

Katadyn has this as their guiding principle "Making Water Drinking Water" with manufacturing high quality water filters, desalinators and chemical disinfectants for camping, tracking and global journeys.

Take your Katadyn from Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center to the remote corners of the globe and have clean drinking water.

Katadyn water filters are perfect for emergency preparedness, for clean drinking water during any emergency. 

Some the best-selling Katadyn Filters are:

  • Katadyn Pocket water filter (lifetime warranty)
  • Katadyn Vario Water Filter 
  • Katadyn Hiker Water Filter