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  1. Rating:
    Mountain House Sweet and Sour Pork Pouch
    was $9.99 Special Price $8.49
  2. Rating:
    The Guardian 72 Hour 1-Person Bug-Out Bag
    was $79.99 Special Price $54.40
  3. Rating:
    Mountain House Chicken Teriyaki #10 Can
    was $34.99 Special Price $29.74
  4. Rating:
    Survival Kit - Executive 72 hr. kit 2 Person
    was $189.99 Special Price $129.00
  5. Rating:
    Mountain House Rice and Chicken Pouch
    was $7.99 Special Price $6.79
  6. Rating:
    Mountain House Pasta Primavera Pouch
    was $7.99 Special Price $6.79
  7. Rating:
    Mountain House Beef Stew Pouch
    was $9.99 Special Price $8.49

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About Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center

For over 30 + Years now Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center has been providing the best Emergency Preparedness Gear to help prepare for any emergency and delvers exactly what people need during widespread disasters like storms and earthquakes, as well when facing economic downturns and every day challenges like job loss.

Nitro-Pak is the oldest and most experienced Preparedness store in the nation, we specialize in the finest, freeze dried food, emergency gear and water storage, everything we provide here on this site is what we have for our own family and trust it.

Please be our guest and you will not find better 72 hour survival bags on the market- our selection of freeze dried food will not disappoint, remember all of our long term food will last 25+ years this is truly an investment in your feature.