High Peak alpinizmo Pilot 0 F Rectangular Sleeping Bag with Free Stuff Sack, for Adult, Camping, Travel,

High Peak alpinizmo Pilot 0 F Rectangular Sleeping Bag with Free Stuff Sack, for Adult, Camping, Travel,

D.A.D.® 2 (Defense Alert Device)

Why not just buy a can of pepper spray? Here are 5 reasons, each reason enough. 

  • Sends "I'm in Danger" alerts.

    User can secretly send an “I’m in danger” alert with the touch of a button that is “positioned” under the thumb, with or without releasing the spray.

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  • It is STEALTH.
  • There when you need it most.
  • Proven superior technology.
  • Peace of mind.
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Your D.A.D.® order includes: AA battery, Inert Practice Spray, Live Sabre Red Pepper Spray, Hand Strap, separate Long-life Lithium Battery for Bluetooth (Tested up to over 6,000 activations) and a big dose of peace-of-mind, enhancing your life, every day.
FREE D.A.D.® app for iPhone and Android.  Search “tigerlight” on iTunes and Google Play.

Specs: D.A.D.® Military Strength Sabre Red Pepper Spray 10% OC, 2mm SHU, 1.33% Major Capsaicinoids, 4.5 grams, stops 96% of attackers when used in prior TigerLights as shown in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department study using spray that was only 0.69% major capsaicinoid percentage compared to 1.33%. The spray in the D.A.D. is six times more potent than the 0.2% major capsaicinoid spray used by marines. Optimized, accelerated cone spray pattern and stealth delivery greatly enhance effectiveness far beyond the increased potency. 8 bursts at 6-8 feet (2-2.5M) away.
Discreet, sleek design fits in your purse, bag or pocket. Can be carried, unnoticed, almost anywhere. Length 5”, Thickness 1”, Width 1.75", Weight 4.4 ounces 
Water resistant
Multi-mode light switch including Panic Strobe, High, Low, Constant Strobe and SOS modes. CREE LED. 150 Lumens.
Water resistant.
Made of Polycarbonate, the same material used to make NFL football helmets and bullet proof windows, which means it is durable, yet lightweight (4.6 oz.).


Send Emergency Alerts • Share Location with GPS • Get Help Fast

The D.A.D.® (Defense Alert Device) is the first non-lethal personal safety device with smart technology. Each device is equipped with Bluetooth to send an emergency alert via your cell phone. The alert sends your GPS location to anyone with the D.A.D.® app within a one mile radius, and to those in your D.A.D.™ contact list, regardless of distance. The D.A.D.® alert prompts the receiver to call 911, and provides directions to your location, should the receiver be able to provide immediate assistance in person. Anyone with a smart phone can download the D.A.D.® app with Crowd Alert™ today for free, because when it comes to personal safety, we are all in this together. Download the app for free from the iTunes App Store for iPhones and Google Play App Store for Android phones. It is FREE whether you own a D.A.D.® or not. Contact TigerLight at info@tigerlight.net for more information.

D.A.D. communicates BLE via Laird's BL600 module which uses Nordic Semiconductor's nRF51822 chipset that provides ultra-low power consumption with outstanding wireless range at 4dBm of transmit power. Laird’s BL600 module is fully certified by the FCC (USA), IC (Canada), CE (Europe) and MIC (Japan) for use in these countries and regions.

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