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Basic Surgical & Suture Kit - Coyote Tan

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Basic Surgical & Suture Kit - Coyote Tan

This is the younger brother of our Tactical Surgical & Suture Kit we offer. It’s not quite as extensive as the Tactical Kit, but a heck of a value for the money. You'll always be ready to prevent an emergency from becoming a crisis with our Minor Surgical Kit. Complete with everything you need for quick surgery in the field, with elastic straps to hold all the necessary tools organized and in place. Kit is patterned after the U.S. Military field kit and contains all new components neatly folded into one convenient kit that attaches to your belt, vest, or gear with a universal MOLLE strap on its back.

Kit comes packed in tri-folding snapped pouch constructed of durable nylon. Coyote Tan color. Measures just 7″L x 5″W x 2½″H and weighs about 10 ounces.

You will be glad you have this quality surgical kit if you ever need to suture a wound, remove a foreign object or perform other minor surgery in the field, in an emergency, or in a situation where professional medical care is unavailable. This is an excellent complement to add to your first-aid gear.


  • Inner straps hold essentials in place
  • Universal strap attachment
  • Nylon Tri-Folding Pouch

Includes: (all stainless-steel instruments)

1 Straight hemostat

1 Curved hemostat

1 Suture removal lip scissors (rarely seen in kits)
1 Bandage blunt-tipped scissors
1 Tweezer/forcep
1 #3 Scalpel handle
1 #3 Scalpel blades
1 Sterile 3.0 Needle & Nylon Suture
1 Needle probe with eye
2 Alcohol wipes

2 Wet-Wipe Towelettes
2 Povidone-Iodine prep pads

1 Triple Antibiotic Ointment
1 Disposable Pen light


(This kit is intended for use by trained medical personnel and is not a replacement for medical treatment. It is sold with the intent that should you need emergency surgery or suturing in the event of a disaster and no care facility is available, that you will be able to locate a doctor, nurse or other medical professional who has the skills to use this kit but do not have any of the supplies contained herein. All instruments are stainless steel and require sterilization before use. Contents of kit may vary slightly from those pictured or listed, based on availability). 


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