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Long-Term Food Storage

Nitro-Pak is your source for long-term food storage and emergency preparedness supplies. Our incredible selection of food storage products will help protect you and your family in emergency situations. These long-term food storage units are composed of products from top brands like Mountain House and Backpacker’s Pantry and are available in varying quantities. Choose the food storage supply that best fits your needs in terms of the length of time and quantity of people. Keep your family prepared for any emergency or disaster with our food storage packages.

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Food Reserve Units

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The best time to prepare is now! At Nitro-Pak, we understand that nothing is more important than making sure you and your family are safe and secure during an emergency. That’s why we’re here to help make sure you’re prepared. The best way to be ready for any disaster or emergency situation is with a reliable food storage. Our #10 cans of dehydrated and freeze-dried food are good for up to 25 years, while our stand-alone pouches and MREs are safe for up to 10 years when stored properly in cool, dry conditions.

Nitro-Pak is here to make sure that you are always equipped with the best emergency preparedness supplies and that’s why we carry a huge variety of the best dehydrated and freeze-dried food on the market. Our food supply units are designed to help you fulfill your food storage planning and improve the quality of your life during an emergency or extended disaster situation. Composed of high-quality #10 cans and stand-alone pouches, our family food reserves are great tasting and packed with the essential nutrients you’ll need in challenging and stressful times.

You’ll always get the best deal at Nitro-Pak. If you find an item we offer somewhere else for a lower price CALL US and we will not only match their price, we will give you an EXTRA 10% BONUS of the difference right over the phone!