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Datrex Emergency Water Pouches - Case of 64

Datrex Emergency Water Pouches are ideal for use in emergency 72 hour kits, for school, hospital & business emergency supplies, fire/police emergency operations centers, home emergency reserves, etc.
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Datrex Emergency Water Pouches are ideal for use in emergency 72 hour kits, for school, hospital & business emergency supplies, fire/police emergency operations centers, home emergency reserves, etc.

The 4.2 oz. pouch size is designed to be the 'right size' for both children and adults at one time. The pouches also minimize the potential loss and contamination after a disaster if your supplies have been crushed by debris (problems you might encounter if larger {1 to 55 gallon size} water storage containers were used).

They can also be used for vacation travel water and lunches.

Datrex® Emergency Water Pouch Advantages:

  • No Leaking Pouches! Superior Tri-Laminate Packaging
  • Fast & Easy to dispense and handout in an emergency
  • No water treatment or filters needed
  • Purified drinking water
  • Flexible and extremely compact
  • No cups to buy or store. Drink straight from the pouch
  • Less trash after use (compared to water boxes)
  • The brand used on more cruise ships as lifeboat water rations than ANY other brand in the world!(They're very picky… for good reason!)
  • U.S. Coast Guard AND International Coast Guard Approved (only brand to have it)
  • Long Shelf-Life: Min. 5 YEARS
  • Each pouch is individually date stamped
  • Can be frozen without harm to pouch seal
  • Can be frozen and used as a "cold pack"
  • Conveniently boxed – 64 pouches per case
  • Weighs approx. 21 lbs. per case

Why Choose Datrex Brand?

Over the past 25 years we have tried and offered several brands of emergency water pouches. Some were outright disasters because many brands do NOT HAVE GOOD foil packaging seals and LEAK! No one likes to talk about "leakers" but it happens all the time. DATREX is the ONLY BRAND of Emergency Water Pouches we have ever carried that almost NEVER HAS LEAKERS! From our point of view, that's huge. We want long term satisfied customers and "leakers" don't cut it. Overall, they are just superior*.

In addition, Datrex brand of water pouches have not only met or exceeded all the requirements of the U.S. Coast Guard for emergency lifeboat water rations, they have been approved by the Canadian Coast Guard and AND all other Coast Guard specifications for countries around the WORLD. They are the only emergency water pouches that have all these certifications. That alone is saying a lot. Each 4.2 ounce pouch uses a triple-layered foil pouch that exceeds U.S. and Canadian Coast Guard specs, and each pouch is date stamped to ensure freshness. Not affected when heated or frozen!

When determining how many cases you wish to purchase, we suggest planning on using at least 4 and as many as 8 pouches per day, per person. (Just a quick side note— a daily 'lifeboat' ration is 2 pouches of water per day. Yep, that's only 8.4 oz! Just pray you're found fast).

  • 5 Year Shelf Life
  • U.S. and Canadian Coast Guard Approved!

Comes in a case of 64 pouches. *Awhile back we tried some "new" lower cost water pouches. Yep, they were "U.S. Coast Guard Approved" all right, but oh the "leakers". Almost EVERY CASE had pouches that leaked causing water cases to break apart. What a nightmare! We spent hours and hours squeezing each package looking for the "leakers". We couldn't send them to our customers like this. Upon further testing, it was found that the majority of the pouches when squeeze or stepped on, burst with little effort. Coast Guard approval specs require that all water pouches pass such tests. In the end, we shipped them back and cut our losses. Never again. Buyer be warned. (We have had the same problem with other brands, too, over the years). We learned again one of life's valuable lessons. It better to stick with known high quality products than to save a few extra cents. (P.S. These other pouches were not "cheap selling" pouches either). Today, we only recommend Datrex brand water pouches. Less problems, less headaches, great value for the money.

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