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The Gamma Seal Lid is a revolutionary bucket lid system is ideal for 100's of uses like food storage, emergency supplies, camping and fishing.
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This is item # is for the RED Color Gamma Seal Bucket Lid.

Nitro-Pak also offers Gamma Seal Lids in several other colors for easy content identification:

Gamma Seal Lid Colors:

  • White 
  • Red 
  • Yellow 
  • Blue 
  • Black 

 We also offer 6 gallon new (never used) plastic buckets.

The Gamma Seal Lid is a revolutionary bucket lid system is ideal for 100's of uses like food storage, emergency supplies, camping and fishing. No more nail breaking or knuckle scraping when trying to open a bucket. We've now offered these lids for over 8 years and our customers love them. The Gamma Seal Lid helps keep your stuff organized and dry with an airtight seal.

Simply and easily helps optimize storage in any pantry, home or garage. Turns your plastic 3.5 to 7 gallon 12" diameter bucket into an airtight, resealable, color coded, stackable, waterproof storage container! Reusable again and again.

Easy assembly! Just snap the adapter ring on and twist on the lid! Waterproof and virtually unbreakable! Made in the USA. List $9.99.

Access Stored Items with Ease!
Great for Camping and Fishing Gear!
Great for Dry Items like foods, pet foods, snow melt salts and powdered soaps!
Easy Assembly!
100's of other uses!

The Gamma Seal Lid provides a unique solution to the exasperating fingernail breaking lids of the past. A pail without a lid is only so useful... while a pail with a Gamma Seal Lid can be used limitlessly! The Gamma Seal Lid is not only re-sealable, but its heavy duty construction makes it reusable again and again.

Easily RE-SEALS your plastic bucket or pail!
Transforms your clean bucket or pail into an airtight STORAGE CONTAINER!

Over 150 million 5-gallon pails are manufactured each year. Millions are discarded unnecessarily due to the absence of an easy re-sealing lid. The Gamma Seal Lid transforms most 12" diameter plastic pails into leak proof, airtight storage containers that protect the contents from exposure to the environment.

Transforms almost any 3.5 to 7 gallon size plastic bucket or pail into a Storage Container Pails make excellent storage containers for 100's of projects that need organization around the house, garage or pantry. The Gamma Seal Lid is an economical alternative for organizing and storing most anything. The Gamma Seal Lid does not require cutting tools or lid removers to open. It's removed with a gentle turn of the wrist. Simply twist-on or twist-off. No more broken finger nails or scraped knuckles.

Re-seals Filled Pails
Purchasing products from the store or warehouse club in bulk is very cost effective and practical. Plastic pails are great for bulk Packaging everything from dry foods and laundry detergents, pet foods, camping supplies, fishing gear, to latex paints and adhesives. Previously, the problem has always been the difficult task of removing and re-sealing the lid.

Stackable Pails
Each Gamma Seal Lid has built-in stacking ribs for upright convenient storage. Pails are firmly seated in the stacking channel, and can be stacked several high without sliding or teetering (provided you start with a flat surface). This is a great feature for optimizing storage space in closets, kitchens, storage rooms, pantries, garages, etc.

Here are Just a Few of the Numerous Uses for the Gamma Seal Lid:

Around the House

  • Dry Foods (flour, wheat, sugar, etc.)
  •  Bulk Laundry Detergents (larger sizes save you money) 
  • Potting/Planting Soil Mix
  •  Excess Fertilizers 
  • Bulk Pets Foods (dog, cat, horse, etc.)
  •  Emergency Supplies 72 Hour Kits (great for flood prone areas) 


  • Boating (keep towels dry, part spares, etc.) 
  • Camping (keeps gear and foods water tight and out of reach of most animals… bears excluded!) 
  • Fishing (fishing tackle, reels, bait, etc. I use mine all the time to haul my catch back to the cleaning station)

Industrial Storage

  • Tool Storage and Transportation
  • Miscellaneous Hardware Organization
  • Parts Storage 
  • Floor Waxes & Cleaners


  • Feeds and Grains 
  • Pesticides 
  • Soil conditioners

Bucket Contents Stay Dry making it great for camping, fishing, boating, outdoor storage. Keeps Insects and Rodents Out of your buckets making stored items much safer, yet at the same time easily accessible.

Airtight Seal for Freshness making it ideal for bulk food storage and pet foods.

If you are storing food for emergency storage, we also offer Oxygen Absorbers (Click Here for Oxygen Absorber Packets) and Metalized Bucket Liners. (Click Here for Metalized Bucket Liners)

You'll find 100's of other uses for using your Gamma Seal Lids. Have fun organizing

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