Mountain House® 12 Month Dinner Entree Pak

Mountain House® Real Meats Variety Pak

Mountain House® Food Starter Pak

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Includes: 6 #10 cans, 53 full meals

Mountain House Food is the #1 brand of freeze dried food.

  • A must for emergencies
  • Just Add Water...and Eat!
  • Up to a 30 Year Shelf-Life!
  • No Cooking or Preparation! 

Dinner Entrée Meals

1 Beef Stroganoff
1 Noodles and Chicken
1 Super Sweet Corn (Rocky Mountian Brand - Mountain House corn is no longer available)

Breakfast Entrée Meal

1 Pre-Cooked Eggs with Real Bacon

Lunch Entrée Meals

1 Rice & Chicken
1 Chili Mac

Comes packed in 1 box (7"h x 12"w x 18"l).

(As with all our emergency reserve units, should an item become out-of-stock or is discontinued, we will substitute that item with another of equal or greater value and utility)

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Ingredients and Directions 1 Can of Beef Stroganoff 1 Can Noodles and Chicken 1 Can RM Corn 1 Can Chili Mac and Beef 1 Can of Rice & Chicken 1Can of Eggs and Bacon
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