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Mountain House Chicken Fried Rice #10 Can

Six-Pak™ Chicken Lover's Pak

Six-Pak™ Beef Lover's Variety Pak

Six cans of Mountain House Freeze Dried Entrees
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Six-Pak™ Beef Lover's Variety Pak

 For those who love the beef entrees offered by Mountain House, this unit was created just for you.  You will enjoy the best tasting freeze-dried food in the industry containing REAL USDA approved beef.  This is a great addition to your current preparedness food plan or a quick way to have lunch and dinner entrees on hand in case of an emergency. 

Mountain House freeze-dried #10 cans provide an amazing 25 year shelf-life when stored at 72°F or cooler.  They make food storage easy. 

Unit Includes:

1 Beef Straganoff

1 Beef Stew

1 Chili Mac w/Beef

1 Spaghetti 

1 Lasagna

1 Vegetable Stew w/Beef

Here are the totals: 

6 cans

59 servings

13,500 calories


Try a can of Mountain House freeze-dried food today and see why customers continually rate it as the best tasting freeze-dried food on the market!


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