Pay with Gold

Yes! We Accept Gold & Silver Coins As Payment!

Nitro-Pak is pleased to announce that you can now pay for any order of $500 or more using your GOLD & SILVER!  We happily accept US Gold Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs and Australian Kangaroos coins (1 ounce, ½ oz, ¼ oz and 1/10 oz coins). We also accept one ounce US Silver Eagles, Canadian Silver Maple Leafs and Australian Koala’s towards order payment. In addition we also accept 90% “junk” U.S. silver coins, dimes, quarters or half-dollars, minted BEFORE 1965 in $100 face value increments (each $1.00 in face value is equal to .715 of an ounce of silver or for $100 face value it would come out to 71.5 ounces of silver). In addition we accept U.S. minted Morgan & Peace silver dollars in Extra Fine 40 or higher condition in any quantity up to your total order amount. Silver dollars contain .7736 ounces of silver.

Here’s How Simple & Easy it is…

Ok, you’re now ready to place an order with us and use your gold or silver to pay for it. Simply call us at 1-800-866-4876 to place your order with one of our knowledgeable and friendly Customer Reps (internet purchases not available for this program). Upon completing your phone order with us, tell us which coins you will be using for payment. We will then immediately get an online quote from  Kitco is the recognized authority in the industry for precious metal pricing (you can look up pricing in advance to see the minute by minute price quotes). The “ask” price will be “locked-in” and recorded as your purchase credit amount at that time. The price is “locked- in” AFTER your order has been totaled and ready for payment. Coin prices quoted are locked for up to 48 hours allowing time for you to send your coin(s) by Next Day Air to us*.

Credit amount from the coins should not exceed your order total. Any underage of payment (shortage) can be paid by either by credit card or postal money order (sent with your coins). If any overage of credit occurs, we let you know at order placement and let you add additional product(s) to balance the order total. Coins are to be carefully packaged and sent to us prepaid and insured using UPS, FEDEX or USPS Next Day Air. Upon receipt, two employees shall open the envelope/box to verify contents. We will contact you the same day of receipt and begin processing your order as if paid by cash.

Here’s 3 Simple Examples:

EXAMPLE #1:  You place an order with us for $1850.75 and tell us that you will be using a 1 ounce American Gold Eagle for payment. The “ask” price from Kitco at the time of your order placement is quoted as $1675.00. The difference is a $175.75 you still owe. The balance can be paid by credit card or postal money order. Your order will be shipped ASAP.

EXAMPLE #2:  You place an order with us for $13,565.45. You tell us that you want to pay by using $500 of 90% “junk” silver. The “ask” price shown for silver at Kitco is $32.55 per ounce when the order is placed. We will then times that amount by 357.5 ounces (.715 ounces per $1.00 face value) for a credit of $11,636.62. The balance still owing is $1,928.83. You can pay the balance by either credit card or postal money order.

EXAMPLE #3:  You place an order with us for $789.00. You tell us that you will pay by sending us a ½ ounce Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin. The “ask” price from Kitco is $1685.73 per ounce. Half an ounce would then be worth $842.86 in credit. There would be an overpayment credit of $53.86. We would then ask you at the time of your order what item(s) you would like to add to your order to make it balance to $789.00.

If you have any questions, please contact us Toll-Free at 1-800-866-4876. We will be happy to answer all your questions and help in any way that we can to make this a simple & easy transaction.


*Please understand that the pricing of all precious metals is constantly changing every minute of every day and that the price quoted at order placement is “locked-in” as the price you agree to sell and we agree to buy without any change. By the time we receive your coin(s) within 24-48 hours, the price will have changed higher or lower as it does every day. To give certainty to both parties at order placement, we both agree to accept the quoted silver or gold price as the final agreed credit value towards your order without any changes.

All gold & silver coins used for payment must be received within 48 hours. Coin payments received AFTER this time may be re-quoted for credit value. If during the 48 hours the price of the metal goes down, we will eat the difference in value and honor the locked-in price. Failure to complete the transaction as mutually agreed may void future purchases using gold or silver except by using a credit card.

* * *